Holiday incentives set MultiView’s phones ablaze


Monday is Labor Day – a day created by the labor movement and dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers – but today is just a regular Thursday in the office, right? Not for the MultiView team. Today is our Friday.  You see, we do things a little different around here. To offer an incentive for our employees to work a little harder to close the month, our executives created a Labor Day Go-Home goal – and our sales team SMASHED it!

So, what exactly is a Go-Home?

Go-Home goals are a regular incentive at MultiView where a sales goal is announced and if that goal is met within the allotted time frame, the entire MultiView team gets to go home early. Pretty simple, right?

Well, the Labor Day Go-Home was just the incentive we needed to light the fire of motivation for our staff. As you can imagine, the summer months are typically more challenging as co-workers and potential clients take time off, kids are about to head back to school and all you can think about is the beach you wish you were on. So, it makes sense to do something out of the ordinary to get employees’ out of the summer doldrums. The Labor Day Go-Home immediately pumped up the staff and the phones lit up with activity.

Go-home goals are one of the most-cherished perks the MultiView team enjoys, but it’s only one of many that make the MultiView culture what it is.

What is the MultiView culture?

MultiView is a leader in B2B communications focusing on digital marketing and association partnerships. In this industry, it’s easy to get caught up in the logistics and chaos. To prevent burnout, MultiView leaders developed a culture and environment where employees don’t just perform, they grow.

MultiView culture is apparent throughout the office: “The culture here is kind of paradoxical in the sense that it’s laid-back and exciting at the same time,” said Brie Ragland, senior marketing manager. MultiView employees enjoy a wide variety of perks and benefits as part of the culture to promote hard work and dedication.

Walk through the doors and you’ll see at least a few “perks” sitting right in front of you. You’ll immediately notice the casual attire of the employees – we focus on our work, not fashion. And on random mornings, employees are surprised to find our CEO and other leaders handing out Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwiches. With everything from virtual-reality relaxation pods to travel discounts, our list of perks is practically endless.

How do Go-Homes affect employee engagement and satisfaction?

Not only do employee perks like the Go-Home bring excitement, they increase employee engagement and overall satisfaction. With the whole company working toward one goal, it puts everyone on the same team. Now, an individual sale becomes a company success.

“You start to see very competitive people getting just as excited about their colleagues’ closing deals, as they do when they personally close deals, because we are all fighting for a common goal,” said Jackie Zook Cauley, programmatic solutions expert. Cheers for big sales can be heard throughout the office – and the closer we get to the go-home number, the louder those cheers get!

Go-home incentives give employees the chance to have extra personal time at times when it’s important. And this doesn’t come at the expense of MultiView either. When the MultiView team works harder to accomplish a sales objective in a shorter amount of time than predicted, the company meets its goals and everyone is rewarded with more personal time out of the office.

“The Go-Home allows us to hit the reset button and get refocused. Spending time away from the office with friends and family, and doing what we enjoy creates a great work-life balance,” said Ryan Cuffee, executive marketing consultant.”There’s a buzz in the building and the energy is contagious.”

This energy and excitement carry through to the customer. Our new or potential clients feel this energy, but it’s our existing clients and partners who understand our culture and enjoy being a part of incentives like this.

“Once you’ve been here for a while, you start to establish a business relationship with your clients, and they start to understand our fun culture, and want to be a part of it,” said Cauley.

The Go-Home incentive is one of the greatest perks of MultiView. Sometimes the go-home is a surprise, and sometimes, it’s a long-term goal that gives employees extra time with their families during the holidays.

“The fact that our company is willing to reward us for the hard work we put into the job day in and day out, not only speaks volumes about how amazing Multiview is, but it also increases your quality of life – all while giving you time off that no other company would grant an entire sales force,” said Cauley.

Wouldn’t you like to have Go-Homes at your job? With a career at MultiView, you can – check out our Career Center to become part of the MultiView team.


MultiView Team Expert Danielle Manley

Danielle Manley

Assistant Executive Editor

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