Lean On Me: Recognizing and Utilizing Your Support System

Whether you’re going through a tough time, trying to lose weight, quitting smoking or planning your next vacation, you probably rely on their friends and family around you for help and support. You may flock to your social network or call your best friend for advice. Either way, your support system is one of the most important aspects in your life that you should cherish and cultivate.

I’m in sales support at MultiView, and I absolutely love everything about it. I love assisting the sales reps every day and learning when something I did helped them. I like to think that my work makes it a little easier for our sales reps to do their jobs. It is not lost on me that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for their hard work. Now, I don’t come to work and just go around like a self-sufficient robot helping everyone – I have my own support team! When I have a computer issue, the IT team comes to my rescue. When I need a report pulled, the data team steps in right away. And who could forget the superheroes of the company who will run to Starbucks to grab me a grande caramel macchiato when I’m just dragging through the day?! It’s important to know who to rely on when you have a problem, just like in your personal life. You know which of your friends are the best to go to when you’ve just gone through a break-up and which friends will be your accountability buddies for your newest diet.

We just wouldn’t make it through life without these people, so we need to make sure they know how important they are. Remember to always say “thank you”, at the very least. Here are a few ways our awesome sales reps have shown their appreciation to me, as well as my team: funny emails, saying “you rock!”, the occasional breakfast burrito and just letting us know when our work was helpful. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you did something today that made a difference. So don’t hold back – tell those people in your life who support you how great they are and that you wouldn’t be where you are now without them.

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