Leaving a Lasting Impression with Association Advertising


Any company offering a product or service understands the need for advertising. The ultimate objectives of different companies’ advertising might vary. Coca-Cola, for example, has different expectations for its advertising than a small business like Big Red’s Equipment Sales.

In general, though, a company’s primary goals for its advertising, according to Entrepreneur’s Small Business Encyclopedia, are: Make customers aware of your product or service; convince customers that your company’s product or service is right for their needs; create a desire for your product or service; enhance the image of your company.

Companies have plenty of options for advertising, but when it comes to meeting two of those objectives – making customers aware of your product or service and enhancing the image of your company – few options can provide a lasting impression like advertising with associations.

Enhancing Reputation

Associations are considered authorities in their respective trades and industries. That’s part of the reason people join associations. When a business aligns itself with an association, it creates a connection to those members that implies expertise. Additionally, there’s an inherent prestige in appearing as an official sponsor or partner of an association.

Spreading awareness of your product or service and the image of your company through an association also puts it on the forefront of that industry, since that’s where the association is.
“Advertising through an association is extremely beneficial because you reach a diverse group of people striving for the same goal,” says Maggie Henley, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications at Illinois Society of Association Executives. “Association advertising gets your product to the decision-makers, and these people can help lead key discussions on where the industry is, where it’s going and what their needs really are.”

Not Leaving the Wrong Lasting Impression

A regular topic of conversation in marketing media recently has been “brand safety.” You may have heard about major brands pulling advertising from media giants like YouTube due to fears that their ads could end up next to or associated with extremist or undesirable content.
Household names like AT&T and Verizon pulled ad spend from YouTube over these kinds of concerns. No such worries exist when it comes to advertising with associations. Your message is framed in good company – the industry leader.


While you want to leave a lasting impression with your advertising, you want to leave that impression on the right people. Unlike broad, mass media, associations offer a highly targeted and engaged audience for your business.

“It’s an easy way to reach your prospects where they are,” notes Adrian Amos Honderick, CAE, Director of Marketing & Communications at Florida Society of Association Executives. “Associations gather industry leaders together in one space. Nowhere else can you specifically target the same types on businesses where everyone needs your product or service.”

Return on investment for ad spend is important to a business of any size, and increasingly important to companies without massive marketing budgets. So when it comes to using that budget to make a lasting impression, advertising with or through associations can be a lasting investment.


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