How to Make Your Content Marketing Campaigns Stronger


When you hear the words “content marketing” what comes to mind? Social media posts? Blogging? Infographics? Video? Emails? Truth is … all of these are correct and essential in any content marketing campaign.

Content marketing is simply a marketing technique of creating valuable, original content to send out to consumers with intention of getting them interested. The goal is to change or enhance the consumer behavior. With the digital world only increasing, consumers are bombarded by content all day, every day.

Whether your brand aims to reach CEOs or millennial consumers, reaching them via their preferred device is vital for the success of your business – and it’s imperative that your content stands out.

Many companies doubt the power of content marketing. In fact, some think the idea might be dead, but unfortunately, these rationales may be because only a few companies are actually executing proper skills within their content marketing campaigns. Let’s change the way people think! If you haven’t already, start planning out your first – or next – content marketing campaign. When you do so, consider the following:

Devices: According to an article from Forbes, 28% of millennials use three or more devices at the same time and frequently, a 130% increase year over year. On top of that, millennials spend an average of 11 hours per day engaging with digital content. Based on these statistics, you not only need to be sharing content on multiple platforms, but also be responsive on all devices.

Audience: Some companies believe that certain social platforms don’t suit their brand, but is that belief hurting you? Who are you trying to target? Audience is crucial for any marketing campaign, so you need to make sure you’re using the right channels to reach the right target market.

Sharing content through Instagram probably isn’t best when you’re trying to reach baby boomers. Same goes for the younger generation – they’re all about Snapchat. Sharing a 10-page white paper won’t get you much feedback if you’re targeting a younger group, but an infographic might be the right fit.

You need to determine the type of content your audience wants to see. Based off demographics and behavior data, you’ll be able to figure out the best channels for the content. Ultimately, you want the best analytics for your content, so figure out what your audience will do with the content. Some are willing to share and react to content, whereas others are just looking for content that allows them to have a conversation. No matter what, each company and brand will be different, and what works for one won’t work for another. Trial and error never fails when you’re trying to get the best results because you can tailor your content depending on platform and audience.

Humanize: Does your audience know who you are? Your brand says a lot about you and consumers – especially millennials — want to know who they are buying from. Consumers want to know they’re not simply chatting with a bot. Whether it’s through comments, email, personalized notes, etc., ensure that your content has a personalized touch. In fact, Constant Contact says, “In order to offer a truly personal experience through your marketing, you also need to give an identity for your company. This includes showing the human side of your business.”

Always remember that content is always going to change and content marketing campaigns will need to continuously be tailored in order to make sure your niche market is being hit. Consumers are bombarded with content on a daily basis, so simply knowing the basics will get you in front of them quicker, and increase your chances of a successful campaign.

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