Making Sure Your B2B Marketing Isn’t ‘Boring’


Ask yourself this: What does a successful B2B marketing campaign need in order to be, well, successful?

For starters, you’ll need an excellent plan of attack. Throw in a unique game plan that surrounds qualified individuals, a catchy strategy that determines and establishes a target audience, and a brand that can not only acquire but retain customers, and you’ve got a potential winner.

According to a Forbes article, a successful marketing strategy “must be multifaceted, realistic and implemented consistently over time.” A solid strategy will generate leads and create awareness. It almost sounds like Marketing 101, but some may try to overcomplicate the simple life.

The one word you don’t want associated with your B2B marketing — boring.

There are numerous products on the market pushing for new consumers, but the reality is the product doesn’t come off appealing to the targeted audience.

Think of it as a baby with a set of toy keys. How often do we see babies completely fascinated with the sounds, colors and movement of the keys? Those keys may not be the greatest thing ever created, but they do exactly what they’re supposed to do: They entertain their targeted audience.

So many products of today do the exact opposite. And “boring” is one adjective no company wants associated with its product.

What can be done to keep the six-letter B word out of a B2B marketing strategy? Here are three things to consider as you build your strategy:

Do it for the people

The irony of some in the marketing industry is that there are employees who still believe marketing is for them and not for the people. The term “targeted audience” exists for a reason, and arguably the most important aspect of a successful marketing strategy involves who your actual target audience is.

To do this, you’ve got to converse with your consumers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding what the consumer likes, loves, dislikes and despises. Never forget that in marketing, the unwritten rule is to make money and to close with your consumer. Give the people what they want — and you do that by communicating with them.

Go above and beyond

With marketing, there’s “being involved,” and then there’s “being involved.” Once the target audience is established and brand awareness has become a priority, consider it a good idea to take advantage of communicating with your consumers using a variety of options.

Consumers should know about all your online presence. A Duct Tape Marketing article discusses staying in touch with customers via a series of activities, including webinars, seminars and social media interaction. It also doesn’t hurt to take advantage of promotional opportunities, such as free giveaways.

“Each and every action you take must maintain the relation with your marketing strategy,” the article suggests. No truer words out there when discussing a quality strategy.

Be limitless

In professional wrestling, the WWE has a man named Keith Lee in its NXT brand. He’s a 6-foot-3, 320-pound athlete who has built a reputation for possessing the quickness, agility and athleticism of a man half his size.

One of Lee’s catch phrases is “Bask in my glory.” He also refers to himself as “Limitless.” Reason being, you simply don’t see men of his size and girth moving around the way he does. He refuses to put himself in a box; he’ll never pigeonhole himself, nor will he allow others to pigeonhole him as just another big man with brute force.

When it comes to marketing, way too many companies limit themselves. They don’t find the refreshing nature in their product, and they refuse to try and be better than they actually are. It’s a bad sign of marketing cowardice; don’t have your company be that coward.

An article from Speaking Human suggests that online marketing “is a particular godsend for ‘boring’ products.” Reason being, there are so many opportunities for a product to stand out above the rest. The sky is the limit when referring to creativity, and the excitement can shoot from a 10 to a 100 with the proper business tactics.

“Boring” should never be in a B2B marketer’s reputation. And if it is, there’s still time to turn that philosophy around — for the good of the consumer.

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