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Today, more than ever, associations are having a difficult time raising funds needed to thrive in their given industry. Members are questioning whether or not they should renew their memberships, and staffs are desperate to raise revenue without raising dues. One of the solutions to this problem is website advertising.
Most, if not all, associations by now have websites in which they have spent significant time and money developing. They may even be getting great traffic. But the question is, are they really capitalizing on the website they’ve put so much energy and resources into developing? Sustaining relevant industry advertisers on association websites is a great way to not only maximize the revenue potential of the website, but to also sustain the association as the top resource for industry news. Advertisers are also eager to get in on the action as they see the value in advertising directly to their target market. After all, members of trade associations have one thing in common: they all buy the same products!
Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How do associations (who are already limited on staff and funds) juggle setting up an ad server, ad implementation, sales, billing, and everything else that is involved with website advertising?” That’s where MultiView comes in. Here at MultiView, digital media is our business, and the association world is our area of expertise. We handle every aspect of website advertising (free of charge, I might add) so our association partners can worry about what’s most important – their members!


The International Association of Executive Directors' website. They partner with MultiView as we create and sell the advertisments on their official site.
Above is the International Association of Executive Directors’ website. They partner with MultiView as we create and sell the advertisements on their official site.

So, if you’re having a hard time convincing your “old school” Board of Directors that website advertising can be a good thing, remember these things:
1. You have spent much time and money developing a website, now is the time to capitalize on that investment.
2. Website advertising helps sustain your association as the top resource for industry information.
3. Industry suppliers want to be in front of your membership.
4. These solutions can actually be outsourced at no charge or risk to the association.

If you want to find more on how MultiView can help you with advertising on your website, visit us at and/or give us a call at 972-402-7070!

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