Multi Marketing: 10 Steps to Better Social Marketing

Let’s be honest, social media is huge. If you don’t have someone managing your company’s or association’s social media pages, you’re behind. By a lot. I know that budgets are tight and sometimes the marketing managers have to wear several hats. On top of SEO, e-mail marketing, creating new and interesting content, and measuring results to prove that you’re worth something to the company, you have to manage your social media. It’s hard enough to constantly come up with ideas for new posts, so here are 10 steps to make sure you’re staying up with social media best practices.

  1. Be concise.  Your audience is likely flying through all of the posts on their feed. If your message is too long, it won’t be read.
  2. Use interesting headlines. Think of your posts as an inverted pyramid. The headline is the most important part, details and legal stuff – not so much.
  3. Visuals are better than text. People love pictures. I don’t think that requires a whole lot of explanation.
  4. Stay positive. Social media users don’t hop on Facebook or Twitter to get depressed. They want positive news. There’s a reason there’s a huge uptrend in sites like
  5. Take a chance. There’s not much worse than having social media accounts out there that are exactly the same as all of the others. By taking chances, you raise the likelihood that you will stand out above the crowd. MultiView didn’t buy an ice cream truck to fit in.Oreo-Dunk-in-the-Dark
  6. Follow the trends. If something is hot right now, post about it. I know it’s an obvious example, but Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark” post on Twitter during the power outage at the Super Bowl was up less than 4 minutes from the power going out. Everyone on social media was posting about it and they nailed it. Over 15,000 retweets and over 6,000 favorites for being trendy. I’d take that.
  7. Include user generated content. If you’re constantly the one posting, your page will be quite boring. Not to mention, people dream of having their 15 minutes of fame. Tagging those users will likely lead to social media goers seeing your brand that may not have otherwise.
  8. Don’t always talk about yourself. That gets boring too. Posting interesting content doesn’t have to be difficult. You can borrow it from another page (I’m sure they won’t mind the extra publicity).
  9. Continue conversations. If one of your followers posts on your page or tweets at you, don’t be afraid (or too lazy) to write back. This is a conversation the world can see and while you have their ears, tell them what they want to hear.
  10. Measure your results. Go back through your pages every once in a while and figure out what has engaged your audience and what hasn’t. If posting specials on your product isn’t drawing any likes or comments, maybe you should keep that to your e-mail campaigns. If posting funny pictures of cats is drawing a response, keep doing it. Your customers will love you for it.

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