Multi Marketing: 5 Benefits of Content Marketing

91091429By now, you may or may not have heard of the latest trend in marketing—content marketing. Content marketing is defined (by Wikipedia) as an “umbrella term encompassing any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.” Company videos? Content marketing. Infographics? Content marketing. White papers? Content marketing. Company blogs (like this one—so meta)?

Yup. Content marketing.

In 2013, content is king. Now more than ever, fresh, relevant content matters more than most any other SEO strategy and can be the opportunity your company has been looking for to reach new customers by providing a personal, topical and non-solicitation service. Thanks to the Internet, content is easier to disseminate than ever and has benefits across the board. Here are a few:

Increasing Brand Value. Content marketing works when the content is worth marketing. Produce the kind of content your customers want and they will come—and not only will they consume it, they will recognize that it is your company that has provided it. Quality content establishes your business as the industry leader— and then your brand carries that leadership with it.

Positive Associations. An extension of the previous point. Not only will consumers of this content recognize you as an industry leader, they’ll recognize you as the person who brought it to them and carry a positive association with your brand. People also enjoy the personal connection that comes with content marketing. Often given a face or at least a byline, content marketing is far more individual than general advertising.

SEO. As previously stated, fresh, relevant content is a heavy contributor to solid SEO. Continually updating a site—adding new content to a page or new pages in and of themselves—continually puts your searchable brand on the web and associates it with the kind of hot topics your customers are looking for every day instead of keyword stuffing.

Social Media Presence. By this point, we all know how important social media is. It’s fantastic as a customer feedback tool, and it’s equally wonderful as a way to get the word out about what your company has to offer. Content marketing gives you more for your social media arsenal; and more social interaction is increased visibility for your brand.

Educate Your Consumers. You’re the one creating the content—take the opportunity to teach your customers about the topic of your choice, using the examples you know best. For example, if I wanted to talk about a great instance of content marketing, I’d talk about email newsletters. Specifically, a Corporate Brief offered by MultiView! A Corporate Brief pushes current, relevant content to your customers, keeping you fresh in their minds and associated with all that’s new and interesting! It’s a great example of content marketing. And now you know a little more about one of our products, to boot.

In the future I’ll expound on the various ways you can pursue content marketing for your company. If there’s anything in particular you want me to touch on, just leave it in the comments!

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