Multi Marketing: 5 Questions to Ask for a More Effective Marketing Campaign

Question MarkI was recently reading A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger, which had absolutely nothing to do with marketing or this blog post, other than it sparked an idea for this blog post. Often times, as marketers, we’re trying to generate ideas to drive more business. Below are, what I believe, the five most important questions you must ask yourself (after you’ve defined your target audience) in order to develop an effective marketing campaign:

1. What message will create the most interest for our audience?

This is a pretty obvious question. We are all brainstorming our ideas and crossing them with the latest trends. You could always use cats in your advertising… unless your cat is ugly. Then I’d suggest using someone else’s!

2. What formats should we create to deliver our message?

Should you write a blog? Create a video? Your target audience is going to be more apt to certain mediums. If you’re targeting twenty-somethings, you may want to use pictures and videos instead of text.

3. How can we get our message in front of our audience?

There are seemingly endless possibilities to get your message in front of the right people. Google searches, targeted campaigns and social media are just a few ways to consider. You can also still utilize print media, TV or radio ads.

4. What is our call to action?

No matter how creative your message is, without creating a solid call-to-action, your potential clients may not know the next step to take. Give them an offer with a direct link, phone number or contact person to secure whatever product or service you offer.

5. What do we want our customers to do 2-6 months after the sale?

So often, we focus on getting the sale that we don’t consider what our clients will think or do a few months later. Are we nurturing these leads to keep them coming back when it’s time to purchase again? Did we make the sale and forget about them, all while giving them terrible customer service? It is important to constantly thinking forward so you don’t end up the company that was left behind.

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