Multi Marketing: Admitting You Have a Problem

What’s the first step of any rehabilitation program? Admitting you have a problem. Companies are built by individuals, which brings along an inherent ability to mess things up. No one is perfect. No company is perfect. If you think you are, we may need to have an intervention. The good news? We can always make up for our mistakes and keep our clients happy! Domino’s Pizza in Brazil has come up with a great solution to a problem I’m sure we have all come across at some point… the dreaded #deliveryfail. From toppings sliding off to the entire pizza folding in half, Domino’s customers flocked to social media to let them know there was an issue. The company’s response was brilliant. They developed a mechanism to keep pizzas flat with the horizon during turns and hills that would otherwise send your pizza sliding. Check out the video below:
MultiView, like Domino’s, knows we have to constantly developing new systems to meet our clients’ wants and needs. We want to know what makes you love us, but more importantly, what we need to improve on. If you ever have any problems, let us know! As a matter of fact, you can call my direct line at 972-831-2795. I personally guarantee I will do anything and everything it takes to keep you satisfied. If calling isn’t your style, you can e-mail me at, tweet at us at @MultiView, comment on this blog post, or come give us a personal visit. Any way you can think to reach us, a real person will be there to help solve your issue.

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