Multi Marketing: Are You Using #Hashtags Correctly?

Hashtag Etiquette

So often I see businesses and individuals (you know who you are) misusing hashtags in their social media posts. From Twitter to Instagram, Flickr, Google+, and even Facebook, hashtags are how we organize and group posts so they can be found easily. What this means for your business is, if you’re using hashtags incorrectly or not at all, you’re losing potential customers because they are not finding you. Here are a few key points to note about these little number signs:

Hashtag Etiquette
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  • Don’t hashtag everything. #That’s #Really #Annoying #And #Hard #To #Read. Every word that you hashtag, you are calling important. By over using them, you’re devaluing what you have to say and not giving customers a clear idea of what you’re trying to get across to them.
  • On the opposite side of the spectrum, don’t waste a valuable opportunity to use hashtags. Your tweet, picture, or status is bound to have some sort of relevant group, so let the users know!
  • You can use popular (trending) hashtags, or create your own. MultiView has created several; any time you search for #Multiview or #Goodcoshow, you’re going to find a lot of posts by our marketing team. We also participate in social media conversations by tying into popular hashtags like #assnchat.
  • You can use your hashtags within the context of your post, or you can follow your post with several relevant key words (much like you would do with meta tags within the code on your website).
  • If you’re looking to increase traffic to your social media accounts by using hashtags, (and you should), don’t hashtag something that no one would ever search for, for example #purplepuppieseatingpickles. Maybe your post is actually about purple puppies eating pickles. You may consider #puppies #funny and/or #weird.
  • Check your spelling. There’s no use in a hashtag that is misspelled… especially considering how it looks on your company. You never know when the #GramerPolice are watching. (Yes, that was intentional. I don’t want any emails on this).
  • Most importantly, have some fun with it. Hashtags are one of the least serious aspects of social media, so engage your audience with humor. I certainly don’t get on social media strictly for education on what’s new in the industry. I want to be entertained.

If you’re wondering what well placed hashtags look like, take a look at a few of our Twitter feeds and you’ll see what I’m talking about. We have several accounts for different departments: @MultiView, @MV_Partners, @MultiViewSocial, and @MultiViewGoodCo

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