Multi Marketing: Event Marketing

Whatever you call it- event marketing, live marketing, experiential marketing; it’s a great way to reach new customers. If you’re not hosting or sponsoring any events, you may want to reconsider that strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a non-profit association, a small local business or a major corporation. Everyone benefits from event marketing because it’s the one type of marketing that gets you face-to-face with new customers without giving them a lame sales pitch that they will forget after their first nap. Here are the three most basic things to consider while hosting your next event:

1. Get your audience engaged. No, really engaged. Throw a party, play games, have competitions. There are a ton of ways to get everyone at the event talking about and remembering your company over the next guys’. One thing that comes to mind here is MultiView’s most recent trip to the ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition 2013 in Atlanta, GA. Not only did we have a couple of awesome booths at the show and hired a couple of the world’s best ping-pong players to compete, we threw a killer party the first night of the conference. We had some of the best live music available (seriously, people are STILL asking us where we found these incredible bands), open bars, and a giant ferris wheel we rented out for all of the party attendees to catch a lift on- free of charge. MultiView went the extra mile, making sure the audience wasn’t going to be bored when they attended our party or visited our booths. We got them engaged and having fun. There’s no way they walked out of there and forgot who we were.

2. Use social media to engage them even more. You may be saying “Why in the world do I need to use social media if they’re already right in front of me?” The answer is because you can, it’s easy, and it will help solidify that relationship. “With so many social media platforms available on smartphones and iPads, engaging your audience via social media is an absolute must in putting a face/name to your organization,” MultiView’s communications manager, Callie Cady says. “Twitter was the most handy tool for me at the 2013 ASAE Annual Meeting because I could actively engage with association professionals and coordinate meetings, while simultaneously providing updates to our followers.” Need some ideas on using social media at your next event? Try these out. You can have your audience “like” your company’s Facebook account for the chance at receiving a discount on your products and/or services, host a scavenger hunt where the audience can use Twitter or Instagram to post pictures of their findings, or have them Vine themselves doing something ridiculous and award a prize to the person with the most views by the end of the night. Have your audience use a special hashtag so everyone (and most importantly, you) can go back and see what the conversation was like during your event.

mvtats3. Give your customers something to remember you by (aside from the experience of a lifetime). Event marketing isn’t always huge. Sometimes it’s free samples at the grocery store. Maybe you’re handing out energy drinks on the college campus. No matter how big or small, you should give them something. If you’re hosting a big event and don’t want to hand out koozies or hand towels that will end up in the trash or the back of a closet somewhere, rent a photo booth and let them take “selfies”.  If your logo is cleverly printed at the bottom of the film strip, they’ll have it on their fridge for a long time to come, showing it off to all of their guests. OR you could give them tattoos of your logo (see picture to the right from MultiView’s party at ASAE Annual). You don’t have to blow your budget to give your customers something to take home.

Overall, just have fun with it. People want to smile and laugh, so encourage it. You never know who your next customer will be, so treat them all like family. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Shoot. Go ahead and make a new box and think outside of that one. Engage your customers with an experience they won’t forget and you’ll see a great return.

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