Multi Marketing: Marketing Done Right – WestJet Case Study

If you want to see what good marketing looks like, take a look at the video the Canadian Airline WestJet posted to their YouTube channel on December 8th. In just three days, they have received over 9 million views. Why did this video go viral? They focused on their consumer instead of on increasing sales. By treating their customers well, I’m sure their sales have boosted tremendously and will continue to do so. To be honest, I didn’t know who WestJet was before this video, but I have already shared it with my friends on Facebook and am now embedding the video on this blog post.


In short, WestJet went out of their way to give Christmas gifts to their passengers on one flight. They staged a video feed Santa Claus asking passengers what they wanted for Christmas. While the plane was in the air, volunteers rushed to nearby stores and purchased the gifts the passengers requested, including a 50-inch TV and several tablet devices. They brought the gifts back, wrapped them, and sent them down the baggage claim to surprise everyone. The reactions of the passengers were priceless; and WestJet made not only an impact on the lives of those passengers, but also millions of other people who have seen the kindness they demonstrated.

All in all, I would imagine WestJet spent less than $5,000 putting this video together (subtle WestJet blue Santa outfit and all), and they were able to create a video seen around the world. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to produce a solid marketing campaign that receives global attention.

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