Multi Marketing: Separating Yourself from Your Competition

If you run a business that faces tough competition, but you just can’t figure out how to be different, you’ve come to the right spot. At MultiView, we pride ourselves on being different, so we’re going to chat a little bit about how we do that and what you can do to set yourself apart in your industry.

1. Pick one thing you’re the best at and stick to it. Do you have really great customer service? Are you the only person in town who sells a certain gadget? Does your company thrive on getting projects done on time, every time? Let your customers know! Don’t follow your competition and try to do everything they do. They are a different company with different strengths and weaknesses. Recently, my A/C was running 24/7 and I just didn’t want to call an A/C repair company because I didn’t want to pay an outrageous amount for the service. Also, I just don’t have time to take off work to meet them. I put it off for about a month… until I got the electric bill. It was 150% higher than my highest bill ever. It was time. I had gotten a recommendation for A#1 Air, so I checked out their website. They offer service 24/7 and don’t charge overtime, nor do they charge by the hour. They had a service special going on for $99 to clean and inspect your system, plus up to 2 pounds of Freon if you need it. I called and they came out at 9:30pm. They found the leak, fixed it, and put in 3 pounds of Freon. $99. He was there for 2 hours, late at night, and he didn’t even charge me for the extra pound of Freon (normally $75/lb.). Now THAT is customer service at its best. Everyone I talked to from the initial contact, to dispatch updating me on the ETA, to the service tech were all extremely courteous. And then they threw in extras without my asking. They’ve got my business, for sure. They turned an unpleasant experience into a great one.

2. Be different. Offer something that no one else does. There’s a little boutique in downtown Denton, TX called Serendipity on the Square. They sell similar stuff that the other boutiques in the area sell, and their prices are nothing to write home about. They do, however, offer classes to teach you how to paint “shabby chic,” just like the pieces in their store. They charge $40 per person for the class, and you get to pick a piece from their pile of what most would consider to be junk, then they teach you how to transform it into a work of art. They don’t make any money off of this, but it has certainly drawn my family back again and again because it’s just so different.

Frenchys lawn care denton
A couple examples of Frenchy’s supporting the local community.

3. Get involved in your community. Not only does it make you feel good to help your community, but your customers will notice too. For example, there’s a lawn service where I live called Frenchy’s. You wouldn’t think a lawn service would be so widely known, but they are. They show up at EVERY community event with their huge orange trucks. If you’ve got something going on in your life that you want the city to know about, they will put magnets on the side of their truck and park it somewhere that it will be seen. The animal shelter is full? They will let you know. There’s a community theater with a show this weekend? Just drive by Frenchy’s and you’ll find out what show they’re putting on, the time, and the place. Just gave birth to a newborn? They will announce it to the world. They don’t get paid for this, and frankly, it has no direct benefit for them. They’re helping others in the community because they care, and we notice.

Here at MultiView, we not only set ourselves apart from the competition for our clients’ sake, but for our employees’ sake as well. For our clients, we’re going to bend over backward to make sure their experience with our company is a pleasant one. We have teams upon teams who are dedicated to catering to our association partners, as well as advertisers. If something isn’t right, we fix it; and we fix it fast. For our employees, we offer a culture you’re not going to find anywhere else. We host parties to honor the company’s hard work  (like renting out the House of Blues in Dallas), and we support our employees’ achievements as well (like our Wall-of-Champions).

This week, one of our employees, Tim Maitland, is playing in a minor league baseball game; so, we’re hosting a company-wide tailgate party for MultiView employees and their family and friends to attend. MultiView has even purchased an entire section of the stadium so we can all cheer him on. We believe if you take care of your clients and you take care of your employees, people will notice. And they do.

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