Multi Marketing: Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously

freeStockFootage-300x257If there is any company that has exemplified not taking themselves too seriously, it’s Dissolve. They are a stock video footage company that allows you to purchase clips of professional quality to add to your online video ads and TV commercials without paying an arm and a leg to have it filmed just for you. The problem? Stock videos typically have the same feel and aesthetic. It’s about as easy to spot them in commercials as it is to notice a cow in a field of horses (yes, this post was written in Texas).

Too often, though, companies take what they do way too seriously. A general response to “all stock videos look the same” might be, “Not ours. At company X, we pride ourselves in separating ourselves from the pack and film from different vantage points to create a more interesting point of view. This will blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” Dissolve, however, took a different approach. They basically said “Yeah, stock videos do look similar. Here’s a video compilation we put together to prove it.” The response has been over a million views in 2 weeks. Take a look for yourself:


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