Multi Marketing: Subject Lines for Email Marketing

Subject lines. How do you convince your recipients to open your email in less than 50 characters? Over the past month, the marketing team at MultiView has conducted tests to figure out just that. Inspired by March Madness right around the corner, we have devised a bracket system to put two subject lines against each other to figure out which one has a higher open rate every week. Here are a few things that we have found to be important about subject lines so far:

1. Include information about the actual email. Vague subject lines do not receive quite as many opens as subject lines that explain what the recipient is about to read.

2. Shorter subject lines are better received. Most email clients will display subject lines that are less than 50 characters. That includes the spaces, just like Twitter. Also, there’s really no need for a long subject line – save all your juicy information for the email! The subject line should be just enough of a taste to pique your recipient’s interest.

3. When using a software for your email marketing, you may have the option to pull information in dynamically when you send. If the dynamic information is different for every email, make sure you’re keeping the rest of the subject line vague enough to comply with every possible variable. Testing and proofreading become very important for this type of subject line.

4. Personalizing your subject lines to your recipient yields greater open rates. Your recipient is more likely to open an email when they know it will directly pertain to their business.

5. Use variety when sending an email to the same leads. The last thing you want is for your customer to delete your email as soon as it hits their inbox  because they’ve seen the same thing before. Try making your subject line a question, or making it known that the email contains an asset to their business model. If you need some inspiration, subscribe to some emails in your own industry and see what they’re using.

Even Phoebe knew the importance of email marketing.

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