Multi Marketing: Using Nostalgia in Advertising

nostalgiaSome things will just always give certain generations that nostalgic feeling. While I was born in the 80’s, most of my childhood was spent in the 90’s. Things like 56k modems, The Oregon Trail and Pogs will always bring back great memories. For other generations, it may be swing dancing or poodle skirts. Perhaps your childhood was marked by big hair and rock bands. Whatever the generation, companies can use these old trends to remind their customers of the good times. Internet Explorer has done just that in their most recent ad. This video targets my generation and it seems to be working. Since posting the video 4 days ago, it has received over 48,000,000 views. Take a look:


Your company doesn’t have to have been around since your target market’s childhood; you just have to remind them of it. You can reach people at a much deeper level once you’ve made them have that warm fuzzy feeling. Don’t believe me? Mock up an ad targeting your market’s generation and pass it around the office. Those from that generation won’t be able to stop talking about it.

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