MultiView addresses a common challenge faced by association executives

MultiView partners with over 1,100 associations to deliver industry-specific content to their members and other industry professionals. The Company’s digital media products give associations new non-dues revenue and member benefits at no cost.

MultiView’s Partnership Managers have the opportunity to interact with current association partners and cultivate new relationships with new ones. This gives them the platform to absorb feedback from various association executives every day.

Manager of MultiView’s Partnerships, John Merris, recalls a conversation with an association executive that highlighted a common challenge among associations across all industries.

The association executive mentioned his staff struggles with the obstacle of reaching members via an online newsletter. Due to limited personnel, finding time to research new and relevant content coupled with designing an e-newsletter seems like an impossible task.

It is important for associations to deliver timely, industry-specific news to their members in order to remain a trusted and valued source.

MultiView’s answer to this problem is MultiBriefs, a professionally edited e-news brief sent to association members and industry professionals. These e-news briefs include headlines, short abstracts and hyperlinks of published articles and stories gathered from over 14,500 media outlets.

MultiView understands the importance of an association’s brand. Unlike other e-newsletter publishers, MultiView believes the association should remain in control of the subscriber list. Also, each association has complete editorial control of their news brief.

MultiBriefs can serve as an outlet for an association to promote events and key updates within the organization. Also, relationships with new exhibitor and advertiser prospects are cultivated on behalf of the association, while providing significant non-dues revenue. This frees an association’s staff to focus on better serving members.

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