MultiView encourages employee creativity with the 4th annual Celebrate Creativity: Hot and Fresh Expo event


MultiView inspired creative thinking through their 4th inaugural Celebrate Creativity: Hot & Fresh Expo event on Nov. 11 at the company’s headquarters in Irving, Texas. The company strives to bring out the creativity in every employee within every department – no matter what their daily tasks are.

image3“Creativity is the force that spurs us to find new ways to improve our business and the services we offer our partners and clients. Outside-of-the-box thinking is not just beneficial for artists, but for everyone,” says Austin Dicharry, MultiView’s marketing director.


On Nov. 11, the company hosted its quarterly Celebrate Creativity: Hot & Fresh Expo from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. where local/creative companies, artists and craftsman were invited to display their goods to employees.

image25The purpose of this event was to give employees an opportunity to be inspired and browse through the most creative goods DFW has to offer in a stress-free, laid-back atmosphere.

This gave MultiView’s 500 local employees a chance to step away from their desks, shop and re-energize so they could later focus on doing what they do best.

image6image1image10image12This event featured 19 vendors offering unique products for both men and women. The company brought in favorites such as Haüs of Growlers, Abundantly Aromatic, Blue Door Boutique and music by DJ Cayne, along with new additions like Green Gallery, Grapevine Grains and The Tamale Company. Artistically talented employees like Adam Jones also displayed their artwork.

Check out the full list of vendors:

Abundantly Aromatic 

Adam Jones Art

Blue Door Boutique

Bohemian Like Me, LLC

Dandelion Cheesecakes

Expressions Bracelets

Good Spice

Grapevine Grains

Green Gallery

Haüs Of Growlers


Planet Naturals

Shop Leighs

Sushi & Queso Designs

TBO photography

The Tamale Company

Tricias Treasures

Wayne Works

Music by: DJ Cayne

Please let Alex McMichael ( know if you have an interest in participating at the next event or know of a local company that would be a good fit. 

MultiView Team Expert Alex McMichael

Alex McMichael

Customer Service Manager

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