MultiView Party, Money Chair Huge Hit at ASAE


It’s Thursday. For me, today’s the day I start planning my weekend festivities. As I try to figure out which happy hour I’ll hit on Friday and what to wear to a party on Saturday, I feel like I’d be remiss not to reflect on and share my experience from this past weekend at #ASAE17. If you missed the MultiView Party in Toronto during ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Expo, or were there but want to relive all the music, dancing and fun, MultiView has you covered. You can see the whole MultiView Party on the archive of our LIVE feed! It was seriously the best association party I have ever attended (or run behind the scenes and tweeted, snapped and posted about).

I know what you’re thinking. “Everyone says their party is the party of the year,” or “It couldn’t have been that great.” Am I right? Well, if that’s what you’re thinking, you’re wrong. Here’s what a few attendees had to say about the MultiView Party:

  • Al Snow said, “Fantastic night at the #partywithmultiview event at #ASAE17.”
  • Brendan McDonnell said, “Yep #partywithmultiview was VERY worth it. Excellent band. #ASAE17”
  • Kesha L. Willis said, “#ASAE17 wouldn’t be complete without a #PartyWithMultiView!”

And that’s not all: Check out our Twitter feed to see more pictures and videos from the dance floor, and read what other party-goers had to say.

MultiView Party and ASAE Booth pictures and attendees' tweets

And then there was the actual trade show. You all know the drill. We’re MultiView. We’re FEARLESS. We don’t do anything halfway. And the ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo this past weekend in Toronto was no different.

MultiView walked into the show with confidence, with swagger and with MONEY – literally. We carried in a chair made of $1.2 million, and placed it in Booth 521 on the trade show floor.  As expected, this drew people to our booth for pictures, but it also opened up a lot of great conversations about what we do for our association partners.

“How do I get some of that ‘Real Money’?” was definitely the question of the show. How did we answer? We told them the money lies in partnering with MultiView. Through our products (online directories, news briefs, website advertising and retargeting, and event live streaming) and our people, we have paid more than $100 million in non-dues revenue/royalties to our association partners. That’s more than any other company on the trade show floor! With numbers like that, it wasn’t just the spectacle of the money chair that had attendees walking away from our booth wide-eyed and excited.

So, after a lot of hard work preparing for the show and the party of the year, we were able to pack our bags and head back to Dallas knowing we made an impact at ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Expo, an impact on the lucky people who made it in to the MultiView Party, and most importantly, an impact on our partners who decided to give us the opportunity to help them become more successful.

So, from all of us at MultiView, thank you to our association partners and clients for the continued trust and business. And we hope, after ASAE’s Annual Meeting, you know that with over 400 sales, creative and marketing professionals working on your behalf, it PAYS to be connected to MultiView.

Also, in case you were wondering, we can live stream your
association event, too. Contact a partnership director for more info.


MultiView Team Expert Brie Ragland

Brie Ragland

Sr. Marketing Manager

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