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staff interviews students in recruiting effort

Finding the perfect employee to fill a full-time position within your company can often times feel daunting. You’re recruiting in all the ways that have worked for you before – posting on LinkedIn, working with Indeed, attending local career fairs, etc.  – but the candidates you’re interviewing just don’t seem to fit. What now?

Well, MultiView has solved that enigma. We recently hosted nine campus recruits – from Central Michigan University, the University of Arkansas, the University of North Texas and Texas Christian University – at an all-day conference in our Dallas office.

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s not anything special … you’re still recruiting from the same pool of candidates in the same old way.” And that’s where you’d be wrong. You see, we didn’t just bring these recruits in for a day of competency assessments or traditional one-on-one interviews. We brought them in for something much more comprehensive.

Once these recruits arrived, they were shown to their hotel rooms, given a quick overview of what they should expect, and then they were sent for night out in downtown Dallas with a few of our employees to really help them get a feel for what it’s like to work at MultiView. We didn’t send them with our executive team where they’d feel intimidated or uncomfortable. We sent them with members of our experienced sales teams, long-time employees, and recent hires so they would receive a well-rounded experience.

“I think it was really neat to be able to take the recruits out and really get to know some of them on a more personal level before the interview event the next day,” said Kelsey Grimm, MultiView’s talent acquisition specialist. “Everything went pretty smoothly and we were lucky to have the help of multiple MultiView employees who had been involved in past campus events. It’s great to be able to really show our culture off and get the students excited about working here!”

Following their night on the town, recruits started their full day in the Dallas office with a keynote presentation from Dan Maitland, president, and Scott Bedford, CEO, on the evolution of sales and the sales process, how MultiView is on the forefront of this evolution, and how our business extends out to the community through volunteer and philanthropic opportunities. Recruits were then asked to put together a five-minute presentation about what they learned about our business and pitch their presentation to the MultiView training team.

Recruits also spent some time “speed interviewing” – a rapid-fire approach to the interview process where they had 90 seconds with an interviewer. This format gave them the opportunity to think on their toes and respond quickly to some traditional, and non-traditional, interview questions.

“We were very excited to welcome these nine campus recruits from some really great universities into our Dallas headquarters,” said Nick Frame, MultiView’s vice president of human resources and talent acquisition. “We believe a robust campus recruiting program with top-notch sales programs and business schools will propel MultiView to the next level, and is a worthy investment for years to come.”

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MultiView Team Expert Brie Ragland

Brie Ragland

Sr. Marketing Manager

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