MultiView Releases New eBook : The B2B Buying Journey

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The buying journey has completely changed over the last decade due in large part to the Internet and the amount of information now accessible to online users. Businesses must come to the realization that their prospective buyers are completing up to 70% of their buying journey before contacting them. This stat may be staggering to some, but there’s good news — you still have the ability to influence your audience early on and throughout their entire buying journey. Our new eBook takes a deep dive into what a modern day B2B buyer’s path to purchase looks like, the marketing solutions that play into each phase of their buying journey, and how those marketing solutions ultimately influence the buyer’s decision to purchase. This eBook is a must read for any marketer looking for a fresh perspective on the B2B digital landscape and how their business can capitalize on the online marketing opportunities available to them. 

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