MultiView Success Story: Mining Machinery Developments Uses Geo-Targeting to Promote Sizable Donation to UK Industry Show


In the late 1970s, Mining Machinery Developments patented the revolutionary Twin Shaft MINERAL SIZER. The Sizer is a unique lightweight, portable low-profile machine that can not only crush but also ‘sizes’ (in all three dimensions) over 80 different types of materials in 70 countries worldwide.

Principally, MMD wanted to get their unique mining technology advertisements directly in front of individuals who might benefit from their equipment, but who were searching for material processing solutions using different industry terms. MultiView’s targeted advertising platforms enabled them to raise awareness of their innovative solutions and help potential customers find the best technology solutions.

Last summer, the MMD group of companies celebrated 40 years of mining innovation, and to mark this anniversary donated a state-of-the-art anti-personnel landmine clearance rig to The HALO Trust at the Hillhead Quarrying, Construction & Recycling Show in the UK.

Five years in development, the mobile Demining Sizer Rig works by receiving excavated soil containing anti-personnel landmines – two Sizers process material, ensuring that all mines contained in the soil are crushed or detonated. The rig is destined for deployment in Zimbabwe, which remains one of the most highly mine-impacted countries in the world. Small plastic mines – extremely difficult to detect and densely packed – run for hundreds of kilometers, close to houses, schools and agricultural land. Clearing the minefields using traditional methods is a slow, painstaking job with a high level of risk. MMD’s innovative Sizer technology will enable land to be returned to farmers faster and allow children to stop walking to school on paths through minefields.

MMD knew they wanted to generate as much interest around the project as possible and to highlight the incredible work of the HALO Trust – who are literally saving limbs and lives on a daily basis around the world.

Instead of putting just another flyer in the show pack, MMD worked with MultiView to run a geo-targeted campaign for the duration of the show. MultiView helped get ads right in front of attendees on their mobile phones, tablets and laptops when they entered the quarry in order to encourage traffic to the stand – and ultimately generate as much interest as possible in the ribbon-cutting donation ceremony and MMD’s presence at the event.

After a successful show, MMD is already looking ahead to running additional campaigns in India, Australia, and South America in 2019.

Joel Brockett, Group Media Director at MMD GPHC Ltd, commented:

“Because MultiView is a B2B agency, we knew the right people were going to see our content, and that we were not wasting our time or money advertising to the wrong people. The click-through rates and inbound leads summaries we receive on a weekly basis have been very impressive. The service and support we have received over the years from our account contacts David and Jen has been exceptional.”

MultiView thanks MMD for being a loyal client since 2013, and appreciates that they’ve entrusted us with the brand.

For more information about the Demining Sizer Rig, a video about the project can be seen here.

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