My Trip to the Association Motherland

Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to our Nation’s fine Capitol, Washington, D.C., as a MultiView representative to visit some of our association partners. No, my boss didn’t have a fever or a lapse in judgment to explain sending a 25-year-old to the East Coast for a week to represent our company of almost 800 employees to some of our long-standing partners. He actually had faith in my abilities to execute my meetings well and make the most of my trip. Reason #151 why I love MultiView: they are constantly giving their young employees opportunities to go above and beyond to excel in their careers!

Anyways, my trip was incredible!  Between traveling to visit our association partners and working out of our National Harbor, MD office (checking out the beautiful sites when we had windows of opportunity to do so), our videographer and I had a productive and busy week.

One of the views from our National Harbor office. And yes, I took this picture. Indescribable, right?
One of the views from our National Harbor office. And yes, I took this picture. Indescribable, right?

Tuesday, we visited John Thompson and Susan Crow at the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) and talked about the importance of MultiView’s digital media products in freeing up time and resources for their staff.

On Wednesday morning, we visited Bill Carney and Bob Dzuiban at Drohan Management Group (DMG), an association management group who manages a few of the associations we partner with. Bill and Bob both discussed the individual benefits of MultiView’s products and services to our partner associations they manage. Wednesday afternoon, we visited Carylann Assante with the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA), where we discussed how SYTA’s Buyer’s Guide (powered by MultiView) provides their association with new member leads, resulting in a growing association member and exhibitor base.

Thursday was a busy day as well. We visited Karl Ely and Dan Melesurgo at the American Society for Association Executives (ASAE) and discussed the multi-tiered partnership between MultiView and ASAE. On Thursday afternoon, we drove out to the National RV Dealers Association (RVDA) and got Phil Ingrassia’s take on how MultiView’s products have generated much-needed non-dues revenue for the association over the years.

Why did we covered so much ground in one week? Well, to answer that, we felt it necessary to visit some of our partners face-to-face and get their feedback in order to learn what is most important to each of them. But rather than me sit here and tell you everything they said verbatim, we obtained their feedback on video and will be posting it over the next few weeks so you can see it first-hand! So be sure to stay tuned for that!

On a slightly different note,  I have a few major takeaways from my D.C. regarding associations and business etiquette in general. These takeaways are pretty basic in concept, but are immensely important in maintaining and growing a business. With that being said, here are my three D.C. trip takeaways:

1.  Relationship-building is a key factor in any industry.

2. Social media really works!

3. Associations are the original social network.

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to expand on each of these points. If any of you readers have input you would like added to any of the points above, please feel free to leave them in the comments section!

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