Infographic: Treat yourself on National Cookie Day

Good news, everyone. Today is National Cookie Day! That’s right, a day dedicated to the wonders that are cookies.

I know what you’re thinking. How does one celebrate such a magnificent holiday? Well, that’s easy.

  1. Pick up a dozen of your favorite cookies at your local bakery or concession stand (give back to small businesses everywhere).
  2. Branch out and try a few new cookie recipes of your own. (Our resident baker on our editing team, Cait Harrison, plans to break out some of her famous dark chocolate cranberry almond cookies!)
  3. And lastly, give yourself permission to indulge on this delicious day. It comes but once a year, and darn it … you’ve earned it!

If you’re still not sure how you’ll participate in this wondrous holiday, maybe we can help put you in the mood. In celebration, we’ve put together an easily digestible infographic full of facts about your favorite treat. Learn what cookies are called around the world, and be amazed by some big cookie numbers.

Decide where your cookie preferences fall. For instance: Are you with the majority of Americans, or are the cookie-cutter flavors just not for you? Once you’ve devoured this information, be sure to share it (along with a cookie … or two) with everyone you know.

National Cookie Day infographic with fun facts about cookies

Chi Him Ng

Chi Him Ng

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