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National Tortilla Chip Day 2017


Break out the queso and salsa because it’s National Tortilla Chip Day! Over 8.2 million pounds of the triangle-shaped crunchy snack is consumed a year – and that’s just in the U.S. – so it’s no wonder that the business of tortilla-manufacturing is booming. To make sure that the key players in the fastest growing segment in the baking industry (i.e. tortilla manufacturers, industry suppliers and distributors) continue to flourish in this multi-billion dollar industry, the Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) was created.

Since 1990, TIA has served the tortilla professional community by equipping members with resources and guidance ranging from management and marketing trends to keeping members informed of the latest food and safety regulations and distribution issues. TIA also provides a number of opportunities for its members to gain hands-on learning and network through two annual conferences, the TIA Annual Convention and TIA Tech Seminar, and through open house events that occur throughout the U.S.

One way TIA keeps its members informed is through its weekly news brief (electronic newsletter), “TIA Industry Report.” Since partnering with MultiView in 2010, their news brief subscriber base increased by about 185 percent, with the most notable jump occurring in the last few years. TIA’s news brief covers a variety of topics including association announcements, emerging food and marketing trends, spotlights on restaurants and manufacturers, and a dedicated career board that is updated with the latest offerings.

As a way to connect TIA’s vast membership base, which comprises of international, affiliate and standard members, TIA offers a Buyer’s Guide and Membership Directory, a digital magazine that provides the contact information and product offerings of its members. This benefit allows members to easily find the best vendor solutions, while also connecting thousands of B2B companies with the prospects they need to reach.

The news brief and buyer’s guide are just two of many components used by TIA to help meet a common goal shared by the association and the tortilla industry: to increase the consumption of tortillas. From baked and scoopable to unique-flavored tortilla chips (shrimp mayonnaise Doritos, anyone?), there’s a chip to suit any palate, so let’s raise a chip to the makers and shakers of the tortilla industry!

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