New Ebook: Borrowing from B2C: How B2B Marketing Can Use B2C Tactics to Reach Buyers


If you’ve been around marketing any length of time, you understand the traditional separation between B2B and B2C marketing. Differences like price points, the length of the sales cycle and personas of the buyers themselves create different considerations for marketers.

However, like it has with most every field and industry, technology has altered tradition. Anytime access to digital information has changed how business buyers operate. In many respects, they act more like consumer buyers than ever before. As a result, B2B marketers have incentive to adapt their playbooks to incorporate what, until now, have been primarily B2C elements. There will always be differences in the two genres, but the gap is closing, and successful business marketers understand this.

Understanding the Modern B2B Decision Maker

borrowingfromb2cLike consumers, business decision makers commonly begin important purchasing decisions online. In fact, research from Accenture Interactive found 61% of all B2B purchases start online. That means buyers are interacting with sales reps much further down the purchase funnel than in the past – if they intend to contact a sales rep at all. A separate Forrester study found that six in 10 B2B buyers don’t want to interact with a sales rep, and 62% said they can finalize their purchase selection criteria based on digital content alone.

These changes related to self-education in buying behavior are vital to understanding why and which elements of B2C marketing can translate into business purchasing decisions. It’s also important to understand it isn’t just buying behavior that is changing, but the buyers themselves. Decision making is more seldomly handled by a singular individual. These critical decisions are frequently subjected to committee scrutiny – and these committees increasingly include millennials and members of Generation Z, who were raised on digital shopping and purchasing.

So how does a business successfully incorporate consumer marketing tactics to reach and influence these modern decision makers? The first thing to recognize is that it requires a foundation of two critical pillars: data and customer-centricity.

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MultiView Executive Colby Horton

Colby Horton

Executive Vice President of Marketing/Publishing

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