Not Content with Your Content Marketing? It’s Time to Change That


Sick of all the coronavirus marketing rhetoric? If so, good news – this post has nothing to do with the pandemic. Almost. This article is about the power of content marketing, especially in B2B. But here’s the COVID tie-in: since the outbreak, content marketing has become more important than ever. You probably could have guessed that on an anecdotal level, but now we’ve got some empirical data to back it up.

Demand Gen Report recently released its 2020 Content Preferences Study, in which it surveyed 214 B2B executives on their content marketing uses and preferences. “At a time when many industries were struggling with coronavirus, forcing the cancelation of face-to-face conferences, buyers continued to become increasingly reliant on content to inform and influence their research, consideration and evaluation stages,” the report states. The numbers in the report are pretty powerful. Consider some of these:

  • 67% of respondents said they rely on even more content than they did last year to research and inform purchase decisions.
  • Almost half (48%) said they typically consume 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a salesperson. 30% engage with more than 5 pieces of content.
  • The most valuable content formats for researching B2B purchases were, in order: research/survey reports (39%); white papers (35%); ebooks (30%); video content (29%); and case studies (29%).
  • More than half of buyers said they had engage with at least one of the following content formats during their buying process: video (65%); white papers (60%); blogs (56%); webinars (54%); case studies (54%); and research/survey reports (54%).

There’s additional insight in the report and it is well worth investigation if you’re looking to justify a content marketing investment.

And what if you want to invest in content marketing, but don’t have the foundational knowledge in-house to effectively do so? That’s one thing about content marketing – it can be resource intensive and you could end up wasting your investment if you don’t execute your plan appropriately.

That brings me to another important statistic: According to the Content Marketing Institute, half of all B2B businesses outsource at least some of their content marketing activities.

This isn’t surprising. A proper content strategy requires more than a few blog posts a month. But what is a good content marketing strategy? How much is enough? There are plenty of initial questions and concerns to work through before implementing a content plan.

We want to help, which is why MultiView has published a handy new resource for those just getting into or struggling to build a successful content marketing strategy. The download is called “Being More than Content: A Guide to Understanding Content Marketing,” and it explores the why, what, where and how of effective content marketing.

Furthermore, if you liked the stats above and could use additional data demonstrating the power of content marketing, check out this infographic on the topic.

Content marketing has always had its role, but that role will become even bigger in a B2B marketing ecosystem transformed by the pandemic’s effects on business. If you need support taking advantage of content marketing, let MultiView help.

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