Now is the Perfect Time to Build Trust Into Your Marketing


The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed life as we know it over the past few weeks. In this time of uncertainty, B2B organizations have been faced with the question of shutting down, maintaining business as usual, or somewhere in between. While many might feel compelled to “sell, sell, sell!” in a panic, taking a more focused approach to your clientele and marketing efforts will positively propel your brand once the pandemic ends.

In the B2B sphere, trust is created and maintained via your staff, website, and online interactions. (In-person interactions will return soon enough!) Consider using this time to position your company as a supportive and reliable entity. In building trust via your marketing platforms, your company will find that there is less of a gap to be bridged once we emerge from our social distancing routines.

During this time, consider the following to help maintain or boost your conversions, renewals, and business prospects:

Give your website an update
When did you last update your website? Is everything featured still relevant, or are past events still listed, old articles still being touted as new, etc.? If you were a prospective client visiting your website for the first time, what would your first impression be? Keeping this in mind, you might find that now is the perfect time to clean up your website’s appearance.

Ensure that your layout is clean, with sections such as “About Us” and “Contact Us” clearly labelled. Have a social media presence? Use social media icons to link to these pages. More on this in a minute. Your company’s message should be laid out succinctly and professionally, with content stored under tabs or subheadings, with important updates featured on the homepage.

Have you noticed an uptick in page hits over the past few weeks? Your clients might be wondering what your stance on the current COVID-19 situation is. This might be the single-most important update to (continually) make at this time. Ensure that your staff are aware of your policies, and that their actions reflect such. If you aren’t already keeping in touch with clients via an e-newsletter or social media, updating your website is of the utmost importance.

And if your website isn’t mobile-friendly… What are you waiting for? Fifty percent of internet traffic currently comes from smartphones, and the number continues to grow.

Focus on your social media presence
Don’t just create social media accounts for the sake of having them – update them, interact with your following, and form/maintain business relationships. This is a big part of the trust I’ve been discussing, because the social aspect is keeping these working relationships alive right now. If your company goes silent without responding to questions or inquiries, there’s a good chance that your customers will be giving you the silent treatment soon enough.

Remember to keep your social media “social!” You may have noticed that several companies have posted WFH selfies showing that we’re all in this together, or seen videos of pets or children crashing Zoom meetings. While it can be tempting to maintain a “strictly business” mandate on all fronts, having a little fun on social media can lighten the mood and show empathy for your followers.

Brush up on your content marketing
Going hand in hand with the social media content you produce, content marketing will help position you as a knowledgeable industry leader during these times. Blogs, whitepapers, and e-newsletters all need an audience, and this is where your content marketing strategy will shine. Knowing where to post and house your content to maximize readership will keep readers coming back to read more.

Tailor your posts to the current climate. We’re all at home, so now is a great time to remind your LinkedIn following of those online courses you’re offering. Or perhaps you have a whitepaper to share on the changing state of the corporate workspace – such great timing, don’t you think?

You may find that you’re able to create or re-purpose content with a “work from home” influence. We don’t know how long we’ll be social distancing, but if Netflix gaining 16 million new subscribers tells us anything, one thing is certain – people are looking to consume content, so why not the content you’ve produced?

As you undertake these steps to build trust around your brand, be sure to measure your efforts. Taking note of impressions, open rates, click-through counts, and video views, will help your company decide what is doing well, and what can be improved upon. You might find that some strategies don’t fit your company’s needs, and that’s okay. While TikTok is popular right now, it might not suit your brand.

Your clients may not have all the resources available to them if they are working from home, but YOU can prove to be an invaluable resource if you boost your efforts to grow and connect along the way. Beefing up your website and online presence will reflect well upon your brand during these times, and set you up for future success once the pandemic passes.

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