An Open Letter from MultiView


As you’re well aware, a fundamental mission of associations is to support its members, promote commerce, and be the voice of the industry in good times and bad. After all, it’s bad times when need is usually greatest. We’ve been through bad times before and we’ve come out the other side – sometimes better but always changed. We’re being tested again, and this time isn’t quite like others. The COVID-19 pandemic is providing a different set of challenges than we experienced in previous crises.

Aaron McEvoy, Associate Director of MultiView partner Illinois Society of Association Executives, told me, “When will business as usual start anew or how much of a paradigm shift has occurred that a ‘new normal’ is being created in front of us? We remain steadfast and vigilant to our respective missions, which helps chart our course.” I believe this statement conveys the sentiments across the majority of our association partners.

Indeed, on a macro level, things are looking pretty dire. The stock market is plummeting, and unemployment is expected to skyrocket. But industries are being impacted differently, as illustrated in this chart from our parent company, the Stagwell Group.


But some impacts are the same across all – like disappearance of interpersonal business. We understand that networking and interaction are major elements of membership organizations. And we believe that still needs to be the case, but in a new environment, at least for foreseeable future. Digital opportunities provide the best ways for supplementing those missed events, trade shows, and meetings.

More than ever, having a partner like MultiView to help with a solid digital communications strategy remains key for organizations and their members, providing fast, cost-effective vehicles to announce updates, alerts, etc. This type of environment, certainly plays to the strengths of digital, which will no doubt set us up to be better on the other side, especially in industries that have been slow to adopt digital practices.

Don’t forget, MultiView will continue to put our resources and capabilities to work for your organization. We’re here full-steam ahead helping you keep your association in front of the volatile and changing marketplace by keeping you involved with members and industry. We’re all in this together and sincerely hope to strengthen and deepen our partnership during this time of crisis. Exploring and utilizing non-dues revenue opportunities we provide will help fill the void of live events, delinquent membership dues, or overall hesitation.

We echo the sentiments of Steve Stout, Executive Director of the Texas Society of Association Executives, who told us, “Our primary goal right now is to provide information, resources and opportunities for peers to connect online as we navigate uncharted territory. During this time, we have seen an outpouring of support and encouragement from both our association members and, most impressively, our sponsors and supporters in the hospitality industry. Our thoughts are with everyone in the industry and we know the only way we can come through this is as a community.”

MultiView is honored to be a part of this community and we’ll continue to do our part to make sure it comes out of this stronger than ever.

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