Original Research is High Octane Fuel for B2B Marketing


Recently, the latest State of Original Research for Marketing was published. In reading the report, there’s a ton of valuable content included.

Among the key takeaways:

Takeaway 1: “Marketers are confident original research has a positive impact.” Per the report, 94% of marketers felt original research “elevates a brand’s authority,” and 88% of those marketers used research plan “to conduct additional research in the next 12 months.”

Takeaway 2: “Survey-based research is the most common type of research marketers use.” In the report, 65% of marketers who publish research use surveys. And while that is the most common method, they agreed there are alternative methods for production.

Takeaway 3: “The vast majority of marketers believe their research is credible.” Per the report, 90% of marketers (9 out of 10) feel the research they publish is “based on credible data, but other findings signal room for improvement.”

Takeaway 4: “About half of marketers who are currently not using research are considering it.” In the report, 97% of those marketers considering research believe it will improve their brand’s authority — amazing that there is still 3% who disagree. However, only half of those surveyed know how to properly execute the task.

Done properly, original research can be extremely important for B2B marketing. Simply put, it’s information that your audience wants and searches for. And while it may be added work for your company to create research reports, it isn’t as difficult as some may assume. And to reiterate, if done correctly, it can be a very effective format benefiting your brand, your vision and the growth of your company overall.

In dealing with a solid B2B marketing strategy, compelling thought leadership is a must. A recent Business 2 Community article states that original research can play two legitimate roles when developing a thought leadership content strategy.

“First, original research is required to capture the new information and develop the new insights that make thought leadership content novel,” said David Dodd, a B2B business and marketing professional. “And second, original research is critical for thought leadership content because it provides the evidence that makes the content authoritative.”

It’s evident that your target audience wants and needs to stay current on whatever trends and important news of your industry are. Content is vital, and research should be used collaboratively with content.

In a MarketingProfs podcast, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone speaks on the importance of using data to provide original research content. What we as marketers discuss and explain is actually research as content.

“Everyone’s talking about how much data is inside organizations,” said Gorgone, the host of “Marketing Smarts” podcast, “but they rarely think about ‘how could we take that [data] and pull insights from it that would be engaging to our audience?'”

Creating original research is a win-win not only marketers but also their consumers. Accurate results turn to accurate data, and accurate data benefits your brand – which plays well in the eyes of an interested audience.

Heidi Cohen, president of Riverside Marketing Strategies, said quality original research content “delivers the ever-elusive pot of marketing gold.” The question is, are you trying to look for gold? For some B2B marketers, original research is still untapped territory.

It could be your next ticket to success and beyond.

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