Pioneer in the Workplace: Whose Grass is Greener?

During my daily perusing sesh on Mashable (gotta stay hip with the times, feel me?), I stumbled upon an article that really hit home for me. Exhibit A: 5 Factors to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer. Basically, in today’s job market it is oh-so-easy to have a “grass is greener” mindset before you really take the opportunity to weight your options and make the best long-term career move for you. Don’t think these are the only factors to weigh-in, but they are definitely some heavy-hitters. Here are the five factors for consideration and how a MultiView sales career puts up a solid counter-argument:


  1. Compensation. In a sales capacity at MultiView, there is a base salary AND an uncapped commission (think: unlimited earning potential). Oh, yeah, there are also monthly bonus opportunities, as well as very consistent incentives. See June incentives here. Oh, I almost forgot—you will see a significant raise in base after your first year.
  2. Contribution to the company. At MultiView, every salesperson is working towards a common goal—driving the number forward. Every sale is a big sale! Here, we celebrate our success as a team.
  3. Your current / future colleagues. This is where you get to really gauge how you feel about your coworkers. The article says it best, “Since you spend more time with your colleagues than you do with your family, you want to make sure you like and respect the people at your job.” In this category, I think MultiView is in a league of its own.  Why else would we coin the term MultiFam or host an Open House so our RealFam can finally meet the protagonists of our 9-5 short stories shared around the dinner table?

    MultiView Open House: Where MultiFam meets RealFam.
    MultiView Open House: Where MultiFam meets RealFam.
  4. Company culture. MultiView’s definitely got a handle on this, take it from Megan. “MultiView’s culture is unlike any work culture. It’s a fact. People walk into an atmosphere of pure fun. We are dedicated to our job, but also dedicated to having fun. And who doesn’t want to have fun, all day, every day? We are upbeat, competitive and most of all dedicated to success. It’s a perfect work culture.”
  5. Growth opportunities. At the ‘View, we promote based on performance, not tenure. What does this mean? It means every single person in an elite sales division or in a managerial role has earned it and worked from the bottom up. Learn more about promotions at MultiView here.


There you have it. Just one-handful of factors that should weigh heavily on your career decision thought process. This is a limited list—what are some other things that you look for in potential opportunities? Share in the comments!

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