Are You Producing Content? Are You Producing the RIGHT Content?


The following is partially excerpted from the MultiView white paper, “B2B Marketing: It’s Not Getting Any Easier.”

Content marketing has become table stakes for B2B businesses. Studies show over 90% of B2B marketers already use content marketing. We know how important content can be, given that 74% of B2B buyers do half their research independently online. More than 80% of B2B marketing leaders agree that content is important to achieve their marketing goals, yet half of these respondents believe their content is ineffective. This is a concerning finding, considering the channels we use as marketers (email, paid ads, social) all lead to content. This demand to provide useful content puts B2B marketers in a pinch because it can be challenging to produce enough content while also producing the right content.

The first part of this challenge is the ability to generate the content. Does your business have the bandwidth to churn out the material? It requires time and resource commitments to produce quality, effective content, and your business must commit to these efforts if they’re to be beneficial.

The second part of the challenge is nailing the right content. Simply pushing out new content to meet a quota misses the mark on this point. Your prospects do want information, but they want the right information. They want to see how your business can solve their pain points. They want to see how your business solved pain points for other organizations.

You’ll also need content that meets prospects at various stages of the purchase funnel, because buyers need different information along each stage. You’ll also need content for various channels. The content that works on your blog may not work well in social channels.

It’s easy to see the challenge content marketing presents for businesses. It’s a fine line to walk between quantity and quality. It’s also a tactic that can take time to show return on investment. You may think you’ve written an amazing white paper, only to see a handful of downloads initially. But an overall content marketing plan has a bigger picture in mind, and one document doesn’t make a content marketing plan. This means businesses must understand and address the challenges of content creation in order to make it an effective part of their strategy.

So, how do you meet these challenges? Understanding the resources involved in producing quality content, businesses first must be prepared to accept and deal with the costs and commitments required. Whether you write and produce the content in house or outsource it, there are real and tangible costs. Asses your available bandwidth for producing quality content and determine if those resources exist in house. Even if you can produce your own content, make sure your content strategy is also firmly in place. Pushing the right content through the right channels is necessary to maximize the potential of your content.

Taking the time to create an editorial or content calendar can help you organize content creation. Quality content takes time to produce, and impractical expectations can scuttle a campaign before it even gains momentum. Take a practical and realistic approach to your volume of created content.

Also, when it comes to content creation, don’t make it all about you. Prospects don’t necessarily want to know excessive details about the company, product or service. Yes, you want to sell the product or service, but focusing too much on your own business evades what the prospect wants to know, which is how it addresses their specific needs and problems. For example, I didn’t mention a single time in this article how MultiView can help businesses address their content marketing challenges. (But we can, by the way.)

Good content marketing is challenging and it’s a commitment. But if you make the commitment, it can be a foundational pillar of your marketing plan.

Read more about the challenges modern B2B marketers face in the MultiView white paper “B2B Marketing: It’s Not Getting Any Easier.”

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