Quick Tips For Scoring B2B Leads With MultiView’s Lead Gen Xxpert – Andrew Kretzschmer

There are a few simple pointers to always keep in mind when analyzing site visitors for inbound leads.

The first step is to identify your target B2B customer.

Start with these firmographics:

  • What kinds of companies am I targeting online?
  • How many employees do they generally have?
  • What revenue ranges do these companies fall within?
  • What are some target company names?

In the case of ILS, the tool gives you company names and information on how long a user has spent on specific pages of your site.

Design a system for weighing each interaction.

Now it is time to score each lead. Create a system by assigning weights to prospect interactions to determine whether that particular lead is ready for a call. Certain interactions should be scored higher.

For instance:

  • Is this company a repeat customer?
  • Did a company spend an above-average time on a page that is geared towards the end of your sales funnel?
  • Is this company on your “target list” of dream customers?
  • Did this company come to your page frequently?

Create a “sale readiness” score card

After assigning values to each ILS interaction, you can then total the scores by prospect. This determines which companies are perhaps more interested in your products and services at this point in time, and therefore ready for a sales call.

However you decide to utilize the information provided by the ILS, you are now armed with valuable insight for closing sales. Simply add the ILS pixel to every page of your site, identify those leads that you would like to pursue and give them a call. These are the simple steps to make more out of the traffic you receive, and continually establish your company firmly within your market space.

Want to learn more B2B marketing tips? Take a look at the MultiView Resources page. 

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