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How to reach Generation Z with your marketing efforts


They are considered the next consumer powerhouse: Generation Z. Characterized as those 22 years and younger, they are the millennials’ successors, and according to an article on Fast Company, expected to make up 40 percent of consumers by 2020.

In a perfect world, adapting to millennial buying behavior would be enough for catering to the generation that follows, but just like their predecessors these guys have some fundamental differences when it comes to attracting their attention. Miss the mark with these guys, and your bottom line could take a direct hit.

Take their spending habits as a prime example. While this generation has yet to peak with their earning potential, they have no problem making purchases. Marketing Daily reports research with these average expenditures over a six-month period: in consumer electronics, online spend was $182 and offline spend $125. In apparel, online spend was $164 and offline spend $155. And in toys/games/sporting goods, online spend was $124 and offline spend $95.

Gen Z will have no problem showing you the money as long you understand why they are forking it over in the first place. Like their name suggests, getting started is super e-“Z.”

Amateurs need not apply

To put it bluntly, if your website isn’t legit, you won’t be to them either. Gen Z was born with the Internet. Unlike millennials, they have no idea what life was like before it, so they can sniff out a tech amateur in a heartbeat. If the website is old – you are old.

Make sure your site is optimized for mobile, your logo is updated and you have recent photos of the faces of your company. They want content that engages because their attention span is even slimmer than their predecessors. Their knowledge of the Internet should probably scare you – and if it doesn’t, you should probably find out why.

When placing content, channel God

The attention span of Gen Z is not only short, but also split. Your marketing campaign has to have the ability of being everywhere. Just focusing on video, for example, will not be enough, because they split their time amongst multiple screens. Five to be exact: TV, laptop, smartphone, desktop and tablet.

Omnipresence is the key to getting the word out and getting them to spend with you. When ramping up your Gen Z strategy, diversify your ad placement because their eyeballs are on all devices at pretty much any given time.

No cheese, please

With building your ad campaigns, leave the gimmicks at home. The old school jingles and faux product demonstrations don’t work on these folks – they aren’t interested in promotional material. They know what ads are, so instead give them something of value.

This generation is the most fluent in technology so there really isn’t much you can get past them. Instead of trying to trick them with some sponsored content, just make it meaningful instead. Create a campaign that can be utilized as a resource or tutorial – if not, they will just find someone that will.

Speaking Z is not necessarily a challenge, but rather an adjustment, and based on their buying power alone, an adjustment that could pay serious dividends. As long as you put up the right digital presence, they will have no problems paying up.

MultiView Team Expert Julie Bernhard

Julie Bernhard

News Briefs Executive Editor

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