Rewind the Video: Where Video Marketing Went in 2019


It seems each of the past few years could be labelled as the “Year of Video.” Whether or not that label fits 2019, there’s no denying that video marketing continued to grow in use and relevance this past year. There are obvious benefits to using video, but perhaps the best news for business marketers is that not only is video becoming increasingly useful, it’s becoming increasingly affordable. With lower barriers to entry and more avenues for distribution, video is an option for just about any marketing plan.

Over the past year, MultiView has explored different angles of video marketing. Here, we’ve assembled a collection of blogs that address some of the benefits of and tactics for succeeding with video marketing. It’s worth catching up on the subject, in case 2020 becomes the official “Year of Video.”

Why You Should Use Video for Effective B2B Marketing

Effectively Using Video Content in Your Marketing Plan

Are You Riding the Wave of B2B Video Marketing?

How To Enhance Your Marketing Plan with Videos

Video Retargeting…Go Ahead and Call It Synergy

Social Media: When and How to Use Videos

How Episodic Content Marketing Can Boost Your Video Advertising Efforts


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