Are You Riding the Wave of B2B Video Marketing?


Try this for an experiment. Put two marketing reps of different generations in the same room. Make sure one is a member of Generation X (those born between 1965-79) and the other is a member of the Millennials (those born between 1980-94).

Put noise-canceling headphones on the Gen-Xer and ask the Millennial one question: “How’s your video marketing strategy?” Then put the headphones on the Millennial and ask the Gen-Xer the same question.

Excellent marketing reps will have similar answers, but don’t be surprised if the answers differ between the two. You may not even get an answer. It’s amazing that in 2019, the idea of using video as a basic fundamental of modern-day marketing is still considered like something in an episode of “The Jetsons.”

Let’s stop beating around the bush: Video is important — very important — in today’s marketing scene. Think about how communication happens: You have FaceTime, Marco Polo, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook … social media and videotelephony product options seem infinite. Everybody is using them, primarily because everyone has a smartphone or tablet of some sort — and that means of communication isn’t going anywhere.

Why not use the video tools to help build your brand? But before we ask that question, let’s go back to the question posed to our fictitious Gen-Xer and Millennial. Exactly how is your video marketing strategy? Perhaps an even better question: Do you have a video marketing strategy? If not, it is imperative that this becomes reality within your company. Your brand depends on it.

The overall goal, as with anything marketing related, is to know your target audience, appeal to your target audience and then sell to your target audience — and then do the aforementioned to an audience outside of your radius. Regarding video marketing, in this mobile-strong society, here are three steps to keep in mind in order to be successful.


No, K.I.S.S. does not stand for “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” In this case, it stands for “Keep It Short, Seller.” We as a people have short attention spans, and we want to be entertained early and often — and quickly.

A good commercial is always the best example of a great video marketing strategy. Most commercials are 30 seconds long, and the best ones always leave you wanting more. Create that kind of picture with your video content, and watch the results.

Optimize your videos

When building a video marketing strategy, optimization is important, and channeling your targets is key. According to a recent article from Criteo, optimizing video ads across the major social media platforms is vital. When structuring your strategy, you need to make sure you optimize to get as much engagement as you possibly can — and that depends on the specific channels you choose to launch campaigns.

Optimization involves understanding the balance of proper targeting. You’ll need to know the right keywords, when not to over-saturate your content with unnecessary material, and when the best times work well for your target audience. You also need to know that if using social media, optimization tactics differ. Study your audience, and be willing to adjust and adapt for the love of success.

Know your purpose

Attracting your consumers: That needs to be a major priority with every marketing strategy. When implementing a video marketing strategy, you can’t attract your consumers if you don’t know why you’re doing it in the first place.

Educate your consumer. Make them laugh, make them think, make them want to respond as much as possible. Your video needs to be the ultimate salesperson. And never forget that everything posted in the video has the potential of going viral by way of social media — which is never a bad thing for your company and for your brand. Make the video something that the viewer won’t forget any time soon.

The art of video marketing strategy can be a science if you do it right. Make it a healthy part of your daily marketing routine, and see how well it can be for your business and your brand.


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