The Rise of “Stories” in Social Marketing and How B2B Brands Can Take Advantage


Stories are taking control of social media. Snapchat pioneered social media stories with Stories that disappear after 24 hours – and its mainstream success caused others like Facebook to jump into this social media niche.

So what exactly are Stories? Stories are short videos and photo collections that are only available for a short time. Stories provide raw footage, documented behind the scenes; you’re storytelling.

Can B2B businesses take advantage of Stories? Definitely! Connecting with businesses and getting to know the people behind the company are major factors in establishing long-term relationships today. What better way than social media Stories?

What are the benefits of Stories for businesses?

Stories are at the top of your Facebook News Feed. When you open the Facebook app, it goes straight to your News Feed, but at the top of the News Feed are the Stories. It’s the first thing everyone sees. What better way to get in front of your audience than being the first thing they see?

Stories lets you see the personal side of a business. Stories have no text. They are quick videos or images. The options are endless. For businesses, Stories provide the opportunity to show the personal side of your organization. It shows viewers the real people behind the name, the organization.

Standard social media posts provide businesses some stats, but Stories gives you names. When someone views your video in Stories, it’s documented. As long as your settings are correct, the names of people who have viewed a story will be visible with the click of the icon. Now, your business has detailed, specific information that you can use to improve your strategies.

Influencer marketing on Stories allows others to promote you in their video. If you’ve got a famous or influential customer or member, they can post a video to Stories where they promote you. Get people to share experiences and reviews through Stories, as well.

What should you include in Stories videos?

You can create a video about anything, but you shouldn’t. If you overuse Stories, you’ll stop getting attention. Make the most out of each of your Stories by focusing your videos on topics that catch attention.

Announce major promotions. Limited-time promotions will get attention because of urgency – there’s only a certain amount of time to get promotions. You’ll gain extra information about who might be interested in the promotion, too.

Participation in events. When you showcase at a trade show, host an event, or participate in office activities, take a quick video to share on Stories. Everyone likes to get an inside look at what’s going on. Plus, you might attract people to your event or activity.

Highlight the personal stories. Birthdays, anniversaries and major accomplishments can be shared on Stories. Not only will the recognition increase morale within your organization, everyone will see your positive company culture.

Businesses can increase their following, improve their reputation and gain valuable insights by using Stories on social media. While Stories are new in the business realm, it’s not something to ignore. Don’t wait any longer – swipe right and start recording. What will your first Story be?

MultiView Team Expert Danielle Manley

Danielle Manley

Assistant Executive Editor

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