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MultiView is a digital marketing company. I mean, duh, right? You’ve seen the website, you read our blogs, and I bet you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. So, I’m sure you know what we do, but do you know how we get it done?

Well, remember when I told you how awesome MultiView’s creative team is, on like an epic scale? Turns out, that awesomeness is a big part of how MultiView operates. Graphic design and art direction play a HUGE role in the success of this business. From developing digital ads to client support, and from brand development to brand nurturing, MultiView’s creative department has their hands full in the continued growth and sustainability of our company.

But it’s not enough for me to just tell you our team is awesome. Everyone thinks their team is awesome, right? So, to prove my point, I thought it would be more effective to spotlight another one of our amazingly-talented art directors.

Meet Samantha Bates – MultiViewer for four years, hailing from the University of West Florida. You can’t walk by “The Design District” on the seventh floor without being smacked in the face with some of the work Samantha has done, so I decided we should probably get to know a little more about her to understand how she keeps her creative juices flowing.

What originally made you want to become a graphic designer?

I didn’t … it kind of chose me. I never really thought about graphic design when I was younger, but I have always been a creative soul. My father can sing and draw, and my mother is a commercial interior designer, so I have always had a need to create.

“You can’t decide what talents you are given in life. You can only decide to develop them and share them with the world.”

Who are your design heroes?

I have designers that inspire me but none that I would call a hero. My hero is my mom. She owns her own business, is a hard worker, loves what she does, and is extremely compassionate. Growing up, I never understood why she was always working harder or longer than she had to but she always told me that if you find something that you’re passionate about then you’ll never “work” a day in your life.

Where do you find inspiration for a new design? / How do you keep your ideas fresh and unique?

I draw inspiration from everything creative. It could be a poster for a concert, a coupon in my email, or a billboard on the side of the road. We see designs everywhere we look, and I learn from those designs.

What do you do when you hit a creative block?

Save the current file and come back to it later. Simple as that. A lot of times, a designer can look at a project for too long and start doubting the choices they’ve made. The best thing to do is come back later with a fresh set of eyes and a new set of ideas. The best ideas often come when you least expect them.

What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?

I am currently fascinated by new photography styles and the impact they are having on the advertising industry. Since apps like Instagram have made over-the-top photo filters popular, it has really changed the style of photography we use in ads. It helps turn boring, overused stock photos into something that really relates to the people again. It helps connect our ads to the intended audience without being generic or boring.

How do you incorporate client feedback into your designs?

Every client is different and every company is different. Most companies have multiple decision makers that have different likes and dislikes when it comes to design. This can get somewhat challenging when trying to get to a final approved design, but thankfully, most clients trust the process. Most clients are aware that we are the experts in what we do and a new take on their brand is always welcomed.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give someone who is new to the “creative process?”

A lot of people who aren’t familiar with the design process think it’s as easy as “1,2,3 ..go,” but it’s not. Designs can’t be rushed and they aren’t always the best the first time around. Most of my great ideas come to me when I have time alone to think without distractions (which gets more difficult everyday), but I always carry a small notebook around in case one comes to me when I least expect it.

How do you keep up with the sheer volume of your workload?

Because I have been working as an art director since MultiView adopted the programmatic program, I have accumulated hundreds of clients, some of which I have been working with since 2013, so the workload is always a struggle. Luckily, I work with a great team that is always willing to help if I get in a jam, and using my past experience with design has allowed me to streamline certain aspects of my design process to make it easier for future projects.

What’s your favorite thing about being a member of MultiView’s creative team?

Well, I actually have three favorite things:

  1. I love how much fun we have. We get to plan fun activities and parties like our annual Waffle Wednesday and we ALWAYS do over-the-top birthday decorations (we can’t help that we are creative). 🙂
  2. We are all super unique. We all have been working together for a long time now, so we are extremely close and understand the strength and weakness of every team member. We encourage the good things in each other and help improve the things that may need some more attention.
  3. I get to do what I love for a company that is fearless.


If you’re interested in putting our creative team to work designing your ads, contact us for a free consultation: (972) 402-7070.

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