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Sledding down the perfect drip

drip campaign graphic

Think of email marketing drip campaigns like going sledding. You start with an event that brings you to the hill – a fun day in the snow with family and friends! Next, you need a firm base (your most prized sled). In order to start that sled rolling, you need an action, a nudge to get you going. Once you’ve started on your decent you go faster and faster, building speed and urgency along the way until you’ve reached the bottom of the hill – or fallen off in the process.

That is exactly how drip marketing works. Except your sled is your email marketing platform.

You start with a triggered event, an entry point into your campaign – someone signs up for your newsletter, a new contact is entered in your CRM, or you’ve created a new marketing list with potential event registrants.

Next, an action is taken. Your action will be the first email in your drip campaign. From this first action you’ll develop a series of emails pertaining to your desired goal (i.e. event registration, new product sale, onboard/welcome etc.) Depending on the path taken by your recipient, this series of emails will deliver to your audience based on a cadence and timing that you develop.

Here’s an example of a basic online event registration drip campaign that’s worked well:

Email #1: First Invitation

Recipients: All recipients

Message: Register for the event!

Send Date: 2 weeks prior to event


Email #2: Invitation Reminder

Recipients: All recipients

Message: Reminder to register and attend

Send Date: 1 week prior to event


Email #3: Request to Register

Recipients: All non-registered recipients

Message: You haven’t registered … time is running out … don’t miss this event!

Send Date: 3 days prior to event


Email #4: Reminder

Recipients: All registered attendees

Message: Event is tomorrow!

Send Date: 1 day prior to event


Email #5: Thank You

Recipients: All attendees

Message: Thank you for attending (reiterate any offers from the event)

Send Date: Immediately after event


Email #6: Sorry You Couldn’t Attend

Recipients: All registered non-attending recipients

Message: We’re sorry you couldn’t attend. However, as a valued client, we are providing you a link to view the webinar. (You may want to also provide the offer to them.)

Send Date: 1 day after event


Email #7: Last Chance

Recipients: All registered non-attending recipients

Message: You have 24 hours left to view the recording and act on the offer!

Send Date: 1 week after event


As you can see, the urgency becomes more intense and the emails become more frequent as you lead up to the event. The same can be said for the series of emails after the event.

Feel free to manipulate the above series as needed. Just make sure you have an appropriate trigger, action, and timing. And don’t try to do too much with your drip campaigns. Have one desired outcome and build your emails so that you lead your recipients toward that outcome. Too many calls to action in one series will only confuse your audience and cause them to abandon the drip all together – a.k.a. fall off the sled!

Happy sledding, friends!

Lisa Marino

Lisa Marino

Email Marketing Manager

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