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Smart marketers know that social media is an effective way to spread information about their products and events. When big news happens anywhere in the world, people rush to Twitter or Facebook for up-to-the minute updates and local reaction. Because of this, social media has become an important and powerful way to spread information to the masses. If a marketer is smart, and wants to tease a product announcement or an upcoming trade show, a post on social media can help spread the word quickly to targeted audiences.

Maybe the millennials weren’t that wrong after all
“As much as we roll our eyes about millennials spending all of their time on social media, these channels really do provide a convenient and powerful platform for businesses to connect with their target audience,” said Kaylee Holzapfel, director of content marketing for MultiView. “Not only can a company’s following keep up with the newest products and deals through social media channels, but they also receive insight to the company’s voice and ‘human side,’ which makes them more relatable.”

As an example, Holzapfel points out that she once did a Twitter post for a client touting that they had donated tile to houses being given to wounded heroes through the Gary Sinese Foundation. The foundation was tagged in the tweet, which led to the post receiving 76 likes, 20 retweets and several comments. From a marketing perspective, the post achieved its goal of showing how companies can recognize each other and reveal their community involvement to their customers.

Some stories disappear, but their effectiveness lingers … if done correctly
Oftentimes, these company status updates are for limited-time offers or “act fast before they’re gone” kinds of messages. That’s where disappearing stories, or “ephemeral content” comes into play. By using these posts intended only for a 24-hour cycle, marketers can really hone in on their target market, and use really specific messaging.

For example, a post on Monday teasing an event on Tuesday shows up just long enough to put the event fresh on people’s minds as they plan out their day and week. Then, the post disappears into the ether like millions of social media posts before it … and that’s fine. If the post is engaging enough to grab the attention of the target audience, that 24-hour time period may be all a company needs to spark the interest they’re looking for. The post will be gone, but its effectiveness lingers.

“Disappearing stories are not only effective and super timely, but they’re also a lot of fun,” said Brie Ragland, senior marketing manager at MultiView. “Knowing that your message has a limited existence and an engaged audience gives marketers the chance to stretch the boundaries and test the waters with something a little more edgy than they would typically attempt.

“Using disappearing stories for trade shows and special events just makes sense. You want to grab as much attention as possible in a short amount of time. So, a quick, fun and provocative video that is very specific to your event is the perfect fit. Whether you’re giving away something big at your trade show booth, or you’re having an awesome keynote speaker at your conference, or you just want to show off your team behind the scenes, disappearing stories are the perfect medium to get your message across.”

Here are a few recent news stories about social media marketing that have great advice on how to reach your audience:

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Dennis Hall

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