So You Want To Be An Instagram Photographer…

Welcome to your new career in professional Instagramming!

So you’ve come up with a clever username, synced up your Twitter account and followed all of your favorite celebs… now what?! You may feel compelled to snap the first meal you receive…but DON’T! Contain yourself! You want your page to really reflect your personality, and unless you’re a food critic, you can’t just go snappin’ every meal you devour! Now don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of the occasional food pic myself, but only when it’s something unique! Nobody wants to see a beautifully filtered picture of your Spaghettio’s! So instead of snapping something that’s near you, wait until you find something that you want to show off! Now, once you’ve had the *Instagram ah-ha moment* and you’ve found the perfect Instagram subject, how do you go about capturing this beautiful moment?!

I mean there are like fifty different filters to choose from here!
Do you frame it?
What does that raindrop do?
The sun button looks pretty!
Do I use flash?
How do I get my pictures to look like Selena Gomez’s?!
And now there’s video!!!

There’s so much pressure! That’s why I’m here to give you some rules  and regulations for Instagram to help guide you on this newfound journey that you’re about to embark on as a professional Instagram-er… You’re Welcome 🙂

Rule #1
This may be a general rule for all aspects of your life. I won’t go into detail, instead I’ll just use a couple of his pictures as examples:

Justin Bieber's Instagrambiebs2

Which leads me to…

Rule #2
Selfies: Keep them to your self-ies!
I know this is harsh, and I get it! You are lookin’ and you want everyone to see! Just grab a friend, a dog, a lamp, ANYTHING! It’s for your own good- trust me!

Rule #3
#Less is more when is comes to hashtagging!
All hashtagging does is let some creeper who likes basketball look at a picture of you playing basketball… so if you must hashtag, hashtag with class! A picture says a thousand words, therefore we don’t need you to hashtag every store in the mall to figure out that you’re shopping! Pump the brakes!

Rule #4
A unique angle can spice up any picture!
Unless it’s a selfie… Once you find your subject, get creative and try to find an interesting angle instead of just shooting it straight on. This trick can take your picture from drab to fab in an instant!

Rule #5
Filter your filters!
All of Instagram’s wonderful filters will make your picture look fantastic! Of course, it all depends on what kind message you want to get across with your picture. For instance: Inkwell and Willow send off a more romantic/sentimental vibe. Whereas I like to use Lo-Fi and/or X-Pro II for my more fun/colorful pictures. Lighting is a factor with filters as well, so keep that in the back of your mind.

Rule #6
Make it your own!
Instagram is ultimately a platform for you to show people how cool your life is, so get crazy! Overuse that brightness tool, blur like crazy, turn it sideways, but above all else BE YOU, MAN! ‘Cause you rock!

Here are a few of my own Instagram pics from the @multiviewmedia account! Give us a follow if ya fancy!
kickball jubb-fetti magician water bottles


Rock on,
Lady MJ

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