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How to use a social media contest to generate engagement

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The holidays are upon us and the year is winding down. Your social media may be lacking engagement from the hustle and bustle of the season, but what if I told you there was a way to get people interested? 81 percent of content marketers say interactive content, like a contest, grab reader’s attention more effectively than static as said on Hootsuite.  Contests and giveaways are the perfect way to engage with your followers and get substantial feedback.

You may have seen giveaways on Facebook from your favorite clothing boutique or on Instagram from a friend or family member. Most likely the rules consist of “liking” their page, following the social media account or tagging friends. These are all easy ways to get followers (and possible new followers) to enter the contest, but if you don’t present it correctly, you may end up with little to no entries.

The key thing here is that if you get a current follower to enter your contest, their followers are going to see that they did this. What better way to get new followers? Kaylee Holzapfel, the director of content marketing at Multiview said, “Contests are a great way to incentivize page followers to interact with the business, along with tagging and encouraging more of their friends to visit that page.” To make it short and sweet, make it easy, fun and worth their time.

So, now comes the question, which platforms are best for this kind of marketing technique? Depending on the kind of contest and your target audience, Facebook or Instagram are your best bet. There is a ton of activity on Facebook every day, and Instagram is widely popular with younger generations. This ties into my comment earlier about targeting the right audience. What are you offering your followers? What are the rules? Whichever platform you choose could dictate how the contest goes. Choose wisely.

Once you’ve figured out the details of your contest, you need to make sure you present it correctly. Before even thinking about how you want it to look, make sure you read and understand the rules for a contest or giveaway on that specific social platform. Both Facebook and Instagram have their own set of rules when it comes to this marketing technique.

After you get all the legal and not so exciting work out of the way, the fun can begin. Even though both Facebook and Instagram contests need a great graphic to lure followers in, on Instagram, the graphic is the star of the show. It’s the first thing people will see and will then look below for the details. Facebook, on the other hand will most likely have the details first, followed by the graphic.  Either way, you want to get them to enter the contest, so don’t give them a reason to scroll past.

Use these tips and tricks to make your social media contest a success. After all, we know there are plenty of people needing a last minute gift, so why not help them out?


Jacqueline Hansen

Jacqueline Hansen

MultiBriefs Content Editor

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