Sprinkle a little retargeting pixie dust on your digital campaigns

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7% of visitors revisit a site on their own.

When retargeting is put into action, that number jumps to a staggering 26%.1

You salivate over the latest Nike running shoes online, then leave the website without purchasing them. As you contemplate your desire for those shoes, the next thing you know you see them everywhere — as you swipe through ESPN, as you read your Yahoo mail, and even as you stalk your ex on Instagram. Over and over again, these shoes taunt you for the next month.

This is called site retargeting.

You visit a website and while on that site, there’s a little code working in the background that places a retargeting pixel on your Internet browser. This pixel allows the website’s owner (i.e. Nike) to then continually serve you display ads on other websites and social networks.

Retargeting is the ultimate method of staying in front of your customers. Why? Because your ads can follow them wherever they go. They don’t have to visit a specific website, watch a certain channel or listen to a particular radio station to be exposed to your ads. As they surf the web on their desktops and mobile devices, your ads will tag along with them. Then, when they do click on your ad, it’ll take them right back to their point of decision making, encouraging them to continue their purchase.

Retargeting keeps your brand top of mind, increases brand awareness, and ultimately converts a sale.

Site visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.2

These ads are fluid. They can change depending on your campaign goals. Looking to convert sales for a particular product? Serve ads for the exact product your site visitor viewed. Trying to increase cross-sell opportunities? Retarget them with similar products. Running a holiday sale? Deliver limited-time offers through your display ads. You could even serve a generic ad simply reminding them of your company. The bottom line is that you want your ads to be solid reminders of your organization.

And there’s plenty of information to glean from retargeting campaigns beyond sales conversions. You can track the number of clicks per ad size and creative, making it easier for you to decide which messaging best resonates with your audience. Then, watch your site traffic and the path your visitors take once they land on your site. Which pages are they going to? How long are they staying on those pages?

68% of agencies and 49% of brands are moving dollars away from traditional display ads into retargeting.3

Retargeting ads can play a vital role to your digital marketing campaigns and provide you with a wealth of customer information. But don’t just take my word for it — go online right now and see just how many companies are using site retargeting while you’re missing the boat.

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Lisa Marino

Lisa Marino

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