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Starting the New Year off Right

As a working professional, do you ever miss the days when you were in school and had 2-3 weeks off for Christmas break? Finals were over and all you had to focus on was having fun, getting rest and gearing up for the new year and next semester.Well, one of the perks of working at MultiView is that WE GET A CHRISTMAS BREAK! No, it’s not like school where we have a set time and date we are out of work….rather, it’s something we work toward all year long. Let me explain this a little more in detail. We at MultiView set high goals for ourselves; and we WILL reach them, if not surpass them. EVERY. TIME. At the beginning of every year, we set our sights on the year-end goals we want to achieve, and we go at them full force; knowing that if we work hard enough, we will, as a company, receive some much deserved paid time off at the end of the year.

This year, we projected we would be out of the office starting the afternoon of December 20th. When did we hit our goals? December 19, 2013 at 1pm! And we don’t have to go back into the office until January 2, 2014! See what I mean when I say we surpass our goals? Not that I’m trying to brag or anything…ok…maybe I’m bragging a little.

Aside from the obvious, our year-end GO HOME goals are great for overall company morale. They promote goal-setting and hard work while we are actively working to achieve them; and they create a team/family atmosphere that cannot be beat. Once we reach the GO HOME goals at the end of each year, we get a chance to hit the reset button by taking time off to focus on ourselves and unwind. And really, what company doesn’t want their employees walking into the office in the new year refreshed and ready to hit the ground running?

So as I sit here at home typing this blog post in my workout clothes on a Monday at 9:30 CST, I count my blessings. One of which, of course, is my job. I’m approaching my 2-year anniversary with MultiView and can honestly say I’m excited to start my third! Bring it on, 2014!

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