Stop Chasing Silver Bullets and Start Connecting With Customers

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Nowadays, we measure everything in our marketing – every click, open, and impression – and there’s no question that the insights are valuable. But, there’s one unfortunate side effect of this attitude sneaking up on marketers everywhere: the belief that they can find the one marketing tactic that will bring them total success. And they’ll never find the answer they’re searching for because the idea itself is flawed. There isn’t one method of marketing you should be doing on its own to move the needle.

That’s why I wrote an article about this subject for Convince & Convert. In “Why Marketers Can’t Afford to Chase a Silver Bullet Strategy,” I explain how multiple methods that speak to potential customers in every stage of the buying journey get the best results. Read it here and find out how you can stop pursuing the perfect tactic and start connecting with your potential buyers wherever they are on their path to purchase.

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