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Super Bowl advertising:
Is traditional media really the best way to score a touchdown?

Super bowl watch party
Unless you have $5.2 million dollars lying around, Super Bowl advertising is probably a pipe dream.  That’s right; that is the going rate for 30 seconds of advertising during the big game this weekend.  That is $200,000 more than last year’s price, which is interesting considering NFL ratings are down 10 percent.  While these football events might still be the most watched on TV, is it really the best way to go?

Many could argue a big fat, no – and they have the numbers to prove it.  Last year, for the first time, advertisers spent more on digital than traditional TV.  According to an article on Recode, digital ad spending reached $209 billion worldwide (41 percent) versus TV which brought in $178 billion (35 percent) in 2017.

Yes, Super Bowl advertising does come with a lot of perks.

  • Millions of people watch the Super Bowl.
  • Many people watch it for the commercials alone.
  • And, of course, the advertisements are viewed again later on other streaming channels and shared via social media.

But do you really need to cast that wide of a net?

While it is a massive audience, chances are it is most likely not YOUR audience.  Digital advertising is a smaller budget’s best friend, equipped with the audience you need.  Take some notes from this marketing playbook and you will find yourselves celebrating in the end zone way beyond just the big game.

Snap to your audience – every time

Measuring ROI for a Super Bowl ad is complicated.  Everyone watches the Super Bowl for different reasons (entertainment vs. discovering new products, etc.) – so choosing the best way to target them is just as complicated.  Digital advertising offers a way less convoluted way to reach your intended audience – and can be as customized as you prefer.

Forget Tom Brady … in the digital world, association advertising is the GOAT.  They are ad impressions with substance. Through association digital marketing solutions such as buyers’ guides, news briefs and website advertising and retargeting, you can have direct access to an disengaged TV audience, but actual customers – with your industry in mind.  A drive straight into your end zone!

Eliminate audience incompletions

TV ads are built for one medium alone – the tube.  Unless your audience happens to be sitting in the living room when the commercial flashes across the screen, that potential customer is missed.  Behold the power of cross-device optimization.

This technique for display advertising can take your ad and beam it across as many devices as are connected to your intended audience. This also allows you to select which audiences you should target, and what message and images you should deliver. Those ads are then directly deployed to your audiences’ devices.  It’s like running a Hail Mary – and actually scoring – with your ad!

Special teams always available

In the world of the web, customers now own the control in the dialog with brands.  Traditional media, such as TV, is a one-way conversation.  The customer is a sedentary one and is targeted in a message they probably don’t even want.

With digital advertising, you have an arsenal of opportunity with a much greater reach.  Customers can choose whether or not they want to receive your message specifically based off their web behavior.  With this data available, your special teams will always be available on the field, not just during the kicks and the punts of your ad delivery.

Targeting your customers doesn’t have to be centered on a one-time main event.  Digital marketing allows for a Super Bowl Sunday – every day.  By drafting the appropriate media players and forming the right advertising plays, you will have more (phone) rings than Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Ready to score your biggest touchdown of the year? Partner with a company known exclusively for being able to drill down into the niche of the niche of your target audience. Contact us now to experience the MultiView difference.

MultiView Team Expert Julie Bernhard

Julie Bernhard

News Briefs Executive Editor

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