How taking members “behind-the-scenes” can benefit your association’s social media presence


Many associations think their social media presence needs to focus solely on looking professional, so they lean toward an all-business approach. With this in mind, their content ranges from information to promote upcoming events and educational courses, links to past presentations or industry news, and photos of their participation in legislative matters or other industry-related events. While this content is necessary, it shouldn’t be the only type of content that’s shared.

According to Flight Media, there are four types of behind-the-scenes content that should be included in your social media posts. Types of content includes: team building content, progress content, funny content, and personal content. This “value-driven content builds trust, sparks relationships and grows deep connections with your [current and prospective members].”

So why is it important for associations to give members behind-the-scenes content? Here are a few reasons to take into consideration.

Increases membership and renewals

Chances are most, if not all, of your social followers are either current or prospective members. If they aren’t members yet, they may look at your social media page to learn more. The kind of posts they come across could affect their decision to join. If they don’t feel engaged with the content that is put out, they may think they don’t belong with the association either.

People who become members want to feel as if they are a part of something special and united for a common interest or purpose. There are many ways to achieve this. For example, if you share videos or photos of the staff interacting with each other it will show off the kind of culture you have. This can then help your audience determine if it’s the kind of culture they want to be a part of.

Reduces repetitive, uninteresting posts that could cause you to lose followers

While it’s convenient to continually post links to industry news articles, it also tends to get mechanical and boring. To avoid this, choose to break that pattern up. Take the time to share staff and member accomplishments, birthday announcements or behind-the-scenes updates if your association is working on something new. Offer that exclusive content social followers can’t find anywhere else.

A similar concept applies to photos and videos. Instead of taking traditional photos of staff or members lined up and smiling at every event, opt for candid shots that show them in action. This will provide a more personal glimpse into the people involved with your association. It will also cut back on the predictability of posed pictures – a factor that could have a negative impact on engagement because why would your audience want to keep scrolling through posts when they all look the same?

Humanizes your association and creates a bond with your followers

Long before content marketing spread across Facebook and other online platforms like wildfire, social media started out as a way for people to communicate and maintain relationships with each other remotely. Today, it still serves that purpose, so it’s important for you to take the steps needed to connect with your audience.

These steps include using behind-the-scenes content such as the following: going live on Facebook or Instagram to take questions from viewers about the association; holding a live Q&A with a staff member every week; and sharing videos of what it’s like to be on staff, such as a day in the life of the executive director. All of these instances give the audience a way to get to know the faces that play crucial roles in the association.

At the end of the day isn’t that what your goal is? You want your social followers to feel like they know your association and are a part of a community. And you want your social media presence to be a success with your followers actively staying connected to you by liking, sharing and commenting on your posts.

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