Wanted: B2B sales leads

wanted b2b sales leads

b2b sales leads

HeadshotBy Tyler Huckabee, Targeted Campaign Account Manager at MultiView

With the B2B market becoming continually more competitive, B2B sales leads are in higher demand than ever.

It is important for your brand to stand apart. Arm your marketing and sales teams with the tools they needs to make the most of their lead gen efforts.

Get the who, what, when and where for your lead gen.

  • Who – Which companies are frequenting your site?
  • What – What, specifically are they reading?
  • When – When are they visiting your site, and for how long are they on your site?
  • Where – Where are these companies located?

MultiView has a great tool that allows you to gain insight into your websites’ visitors while providing you with actionable lead generation intel – the Inbound Leads Summary (ILS).

ILS is a tool that documents traffic from registered company IP addresses – providing your marketing team with a site visitor’s company, company website, phone number, email address, pages viewed and time spent on site.

Major benefits ILS offers B2B marketers:

Lead gen support

Which companies are checking you out, online? Be in the know. ILS helps businesses identify potential clients and offers reps the contact information for these companies.

Lead nurturing

ILS reveals which companies are reading specific site pages — helping your marketing team know what content attracts certain buyer profiles. This information is useful for framing sales calls and moving prospective clients further down the funnel.

Content marketing optimization

The pages with the most views and time spent on page can help your marketing team create useful insights about your buyers. Optimize your online lead generation by creating better content with ILS insight.

Coming soon: Best practices for generating inbound leads with MultiView Targeted Campaign Account Manager, Tyler Huckabee

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