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cross-device optimization layout of phone, laptop and desktop servers

I bought a cigar lighter shaped like the state of Texas.

You read that correctly. A lighter – shaped like Texas. Now, ask me how many cigars a year I smoke. (None.) So why on earth would I purchase one? Answer: Cross-device optimization.

Let me explain.

My significant other occasionally likes a cigar when we’re on vacation. She is a Texan by birth, death, and everything in between. While looking for potential stocking stuffers for her, I researched cigar shops online and came across this kitschy little lighter, clicked on it, but decided at the time that it was too over the top to actually purchase.

As I continued my online Christmas shopping extravaganza over the next month, I proceeded to see display ads for the lighter in the following digital spaces:

  1. On the next three websites I visited on my iPad
  2. In my iPhone’s Facebook app during my lunch hour
  3. In a rousing game of Words with Friends (I won) on my laptop
  4. As I researched email list providers on my work desktop

I was targeted EVERYWHERE. That website was able to broadcast their ad to me on my iPhone, iPad, home laptop, and work desktop. I saw that ad so many times that I started to rethink my buying decision. It was cute. It was Texas. It would make a great stocking stuffer. And she deserved some added Christmas cuteness in her life. So I bought it. <sigh>

That’s the power of cross-device optimization for display advertising. MultiView can take your ad and beam it across as many devices as are connected to your intended audience. We’ll work with you on identifying which audiences you should target, and what message and images you should deliver. We’ll then deploy those ads directly to your audiences’ devices. The benefit for you is that your message will continually stay in front of your buyers no matter which device they are on or where they are connected – whether at home, at work, or at the local bar, we’ve got you covered!

Intrigued by MultiView’s cross-device strategies? Start learning here.

Lisa Marino

Lisa Marino

Email Marketing Manager

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